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Backup selection scripts allow you to save the file and folder selections you ve made so that they can be reused. Scheduled jobs allow you to configure recurring backups that run according to a daily, weekly, monthly, or ad hoc schedule.
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Assigning the Key Recovery Agent Role
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In this procedure, you add a new item to your project using the Report template.
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Shared Scalable Databases
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If Not Session.IsReadOnly Then Session( price ) = 345 End If
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In This Part:
that will give you a preview of all the changes that will be done by the Refactoring. The upper section shows you where the string was found and the bottom portion shows you what the change will look like if applied to the selected item. The check boxes allow you to select only the changes you really want to perform. The neat thing is that they are organized by type of change: one for the code elements, one for the comments, and finally one for the strings. Look at Figure 5-16a to see the Preview Changes dialog box upper window completely scrolled and Figure 5-16b for the first selected change preview.
Processor\%Privileged Time
SELECT object_name(object_id) AS name, rows, type_desc as page_type_desc, total_pages AS pages, first_page
Building Advanced Reports Abbrev. Title Abbrev. Title Abbrev. Title
It s very important to select the correct dimension object in this Dimension drop-down list. For example, if you selected the Account Manager object listed below the SSAS Step by Step database, you would be deselecting members at the database level. However, you disabled inheritance on the Dimension tab of the Role Designer so changes to the dimension security at the database level will not affect dimension security at the cube level. If you were to deploy the database now, this role would still have access to all members of the Account Manager dimension.
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