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Control Flow and Error Handling
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Table 12-1 Manual Enrollment Methods
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In particular, the pageBaseType attribute is an extremely powerful setting you might want to leverage when all your application pages inherit from a common code-behind class. In this case, instead of modifying all the pages, you centralize the setting in the web.config file at the level (machine, application, or subdirectory) you want. An interesting attribute is maxPageStateFieldLength. One of the problems developers might experience with a too-large view state is that some legacy firewalls and proxy servers might not be capable of carrying all those bytes back and forth for a single input field. As a result, the content of the view state is truncated and the application fails. This is particularly likely to happen on pretty simple Web browsers, such as those you find in palmtops and smartphones. If the real size of the view state exceeds the upper limit
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Details from FSUTIL FSINFO
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To administratively view or delete alerts belonging to other team members, proceed as follows.
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You remove the semicolon, the warning goes away, and the program works fine. Your younger brother is now starting to revise his opinion of you and offers to take out the trash that night, even though it is your turn. The Great Programmer Speaks: Helping Other People Is a Good Plan
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Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Inside Out The Setup Manager Wizard (Setupmgr.exe) is not installed by default, but rather has to be extracted from the file in the Support\Tools directory on the distribution CD. Simply access the Support\Tools directory on the CD-ROM, double-click, then double-click Setupmgr.exe to begin the extraction process. While you are there, you might as well extract the rest of the files, including Deploy.chm (the Microsoft Windows Corporate Deployment Tools User s Guide) and Ref.chm (the detailed conventions and syntax reference for the Deployment Tools User s Guide). Note
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Using Resources in a Game data matrix code
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Enum Shape Triangle Square Rectangle Circle Unknown = -999 End Enum This takes a zero value. 1 2 3 (Values don t need to be sorted.)
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How to Configure Reporting Services
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You can customize the ribbon to make the development tools you need most often
Is C# an Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) Language
The installation of the Web Server certificate to a non-forest member is a fourstep process: 1. Generate a Web Server certificate request at the Web server. 2. Submit the Web Server certificate request to the CA. 3. Install the issued Web Server certificate at the Web server. 4. Configure the Web server to enable SSL encryption for a Web site or virtual directory.
Apply Onto
A partial view of the Windows Forms class hierarchy
section is repeated on the name/value pairs that were left over previously. This apparently weird approach addresses a specific scenario the use of dynamically created controls. Imagine adding a control to the page tree dynamically for example, in response to a certain user action. As mentioned, the page is rebuilt from scratch after each postback, so any information about the dynamically created control is lost. On the other hand, when the page s form is submitted, the dynamic control there is filled with legal and valid information that is regularly posted. By design, there can t be any server control to match the ID of the dynamic control the first time posted data is processed. However, the ASP.NET framework recognizes that some controls could be created in the Load event. For this reason, it makes sense to give it a second try to see whether a match is possible after the user code has run for a while. If the dynamic control has been re-created in the Load event, a match is now possible and the control can refresh its state with posted data.
Auditing Terminal Services Access
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