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Part III: Deploying Application-Specific Solutions
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Map name: A logical name for the name mapping definition. Account: The user account from the local SAM database or from Active Directory that you want to associate with the certificate. Password: The password for the selected user account.
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There is only one DMV, sys.dm_db_mirroring_connections, related to the new database mirroring feature explained in 25, Disaster Recovery Solutions. This DMV is server scoped, and accessing it requires you to have the VIEW SERVER STATE permission on the server.
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The status for the subscription notes a failure because of the change in the report s use of credentials.
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file of both applications contains the same values. They need to be explicit keys, not just the AutoGenerate command.
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Debug.WriteLine("There are " & _ xnl1.Count.ToString & " in the result set.") For Each xnd1 In xnl1 Saver node s inner XML. str1 = xnd1.OuterXml Get CustomerID tag value. str2 = MyTagValue("CustomerID", str1) Get CompanyName tag value. str2 = str2 & ", " & MyTagValue("CompanyName", str1) Get ContactName tag value. str2 = str2 & ", " & MyTagValue("ContactName", str1) Get Phone tag value. str2 = str2 & ", " & MyTagValue("Phone", str1) Write first four tag values. Debug.WriteLine(str2) Next End Sub Function MyTagValue(ByVal TagName As String, _ ByVal strXML As String) Declare and compute constants for this tag. Dim str1 = "<" & TagName & ">" Dim str2 = "</" & TagName & ">" Dim int1, int2 As Integer int1 = InStr(strXML, str1) + Len(str1) int2 = InStr(strXML, str2) Compute tag value and return it; strXML is string with XML to parse, int1 is start position, int2 - int1 is number of characters. Dim TagValue As String = Mid(strXML, _ int1, int2 - int1) Return TagValue End Function
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Figure 12-12 The Remote Assistance toolbar
The UNIQUE parameter specifies that the index to be created is unique. The CLUSTERED parameter specifies that the index is a clustered index. The NONCLUSTERED parameter specifies that this is a nonclustered index. This is the default type of index. The object information specifies on what table and columns the index is created. The INCLUDE parameter specifies included nonindexed columns. Partitioning option parameters specify how the index is partitioned.
6. In the Variants area, click the option in the upper-left corner, and then click OK.
4: Create Your Own Web Browser in Less Than Five Minutes!
Part 2: End-User Features and Experience
58. Visual Basic 59. Public Sub Draw(sender As Object, e As System.Windows.Forms .PaintEventArgs) 60. 62. 63. // Visual C# 64. public void Draw(object sender, 65. System.Windows.Forms.PaintEventArgs e) { 66. 67. e.Graphics.DrawImage(new System.Drawing.Bitmap(m_bitmapFile), 0, 0); e.Graphics.DrawImage(New Bitmap(m_bitmapFile), 0, 0) 61. End Sub
myInt5 = myInt4 = myInt3 = myInt2 = myInt = 10;
4. Type an opening parenthesis , (. Another IntelliSense tip appears. This tip displays the parameters that the WriteLine method can take. In fact, WriteLine is an overloaded method, meaning that the Console class contains more than one method named WriteLine it actually provides 19 different versions of this method. Each version of the WriteLine method can be used to output different types of data. ( 3 describes overloaded methods in more detail.) Main should now look like this:
FIGURE 5-9 The structure of data rows TABLE 5-7
System.XML.XPath namespaces are added to support an XPath query. In addition to placing code specific to your data processing extension in the constructor, you need to update the Read() method to retrieve the values from the data source for the fields. In this procedure, you will update the namespace for the data reader class and add code to construct a data reader object.
The data source control invokes the LoadByCountry method on the specified business object and makes the response available to any bound control. Let s use a ListView control:
You can change the settings and run schedule at a later date as well. Access the Shadow
Create a test array with a lot Dim employees(1000) As Employee
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