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Because you (or a report administrator) may have changed properties for report parameters previously, the deployment of a report doesn t always overwrite the properties managed by Report Server even though you made changes to the default values in the report definition.
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Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Internals
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Part VII:
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ddlPublishers.DataValueField = pub_id"
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Structure PersonStruct Dim FirstName As String Dim LastName As String Public Address As String Private SSN As String End Structure Dim means Public here.
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Web Parts in the zone default to the standard frame style. This is normally Title Bar And Border. No visible frame will surround Web Parts in the zone. A visible frame will surround the title bar and contents of each Web Part in the zone. A visible frame will surround the title bar of each Web Part in the zone.
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This book includes instructions on downloading the practice files used in the hands-on activities throughout this book. Should your practice files become unsuitable for new users (for example, students complete activities but overwrite the original practice files), you can reinstall fresh practice files from the Web.
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Move a table Point to the table, and then drag the move handle that appears in
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The Visual Basic 6 Collection object lets you retrieve an element by either its index (the position in the collection) or the string key you ve associated with it. Oddly, the .NET Framework doesn t include a native class with this feature, but you can remedy this simply by inheriting from NameObjectCollectionBase in the System.Collections.Spe cialized namespace. This class uses an inner Hashtable object that isn t exposed as a protected member (unlike the Dictionary protected member of the DictionaryBase class). Instead the NameObjectCollectionBase class exposes several Basexxxx meth ods, one for each basic operation you can expose to the outside. For example, you can implement the Add method by delegating to the BaseAdd protected method, and the Item property by delegating to the BaseGet and BaseSet protected methods. As you d expect, the BaseGet, BaseSet, and BaseRemove methods are overloaded so that they can take either a numeric index or a string key:
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Note that data source controls are like ordinary server controls and can be programmatically configured and invoked. In the code just shown, you first check the selection the user made and, if it matches the first option (All Countries), configure the data source control to make a parameterless call to the LoadAll method.
Remote Storage is Microsoft s implementation of Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM). By using Remote Storage, you can define a set of rules that allow infrequently used files to be moved automatically and transparently to long-term storage on tape or other media yet still be accessible to users. How this works is that Remote Storage moves the data for a file that meets your rule set to long-term storage and replaces the file with a stub file that contains a reparse point. When a file or folder containing this reparse point is read, the reparse point causes the pathname to be reparsed, and the actual location of the file in long-term storage is substituted for the original file path. This allows NTFS to retrieve the file from long-term storage. To users, the retrieval process is fairly transparent. They simply access a file at its regular location on a disk or shared folder and Windows handles the task of retrieving the file from longterm storage. Because retrieval from tape storage is slower than from disk, the user will see a dialog box specifying that the file is being recalled from Remote Storage and asking the user to wait. With the cheap price of hard disk drives today, Remote Storage isn t used as frequently as it once was. Still, it is worth consideration if you have already made an investment in a storage system, such as an autoloader tape system or an optical jukebox, that uses magneto optical disks. What Remote Storage allows you to do is to extend a disk-based volume onto the storage system. Say, for instance, you have a 60-GB disk-based volume and an autoloader tape system that can automatically mount any of its 16 tapes into one of the available tape drives. If each tape has a 100-GB capacity, as with AIT-3 tapes (uncompressed), you would have about 1600 GB of tape storage. When you extend the volume onto the available tape storage space using Remote Storage, the total space available appears to be about 1660 GB. When users write data to the volume, the data is written first to the disk area, and then as the drive spaces fill, older files are moved to tape storage. Very handy, if users don t mind the delays they might encounter when trying to access files that have been moved to tape.
The security certificate presented by this website was issued for a different website s address In this case, there are several possible causes:
Abbrev. Title
Several index-related enhancements have been made to improve index and query performance. These include a new database option to update statistics asynchronously (both indexed and nonindexed column statistics), the ability to include non-key columns as part of a nonclustered index, new options to control index locking granularity, the ability to index an XML data type column, and improved usage of indexed views by the query optimizer to resolve queries. For details on indexing topics see 12.
Me.Label1.Name = Label1"
When anonymous access is in effect and you access a site without logging in, a Sign In button will appear in place of the usual Modify Shared Page or Modify My Page link. To log in explicitly, click that button. Otherwise, you can wait until you access a secured page, and log in at the resulting prompt. If Anonymous Access: Lists And Libraries is in effect for a site, use the following procedure for granting access to anonymous visitors:
Private Sub Page_Load(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As EventArgs) _ Handles MyBase.Load Check whether XML data is cached already. If Cache( Employees ) Is Nothing Then CacheEmployeesData() End If Get the cached data. Dim xmldoc As System.Xml.XmlDocument = _ DirectCast(Cache( Employees ), System.Xml.XmlDocument) End Sub
How to Manage the Reporting Services Databases
Enter the text that will identify the field. Enter a sentence or two that explains what kind of data the field
so the NULL bitmap needs to be 2 bytes. In the examples illustrated by Figures 5-10 and 5-11, the tables have fewer than eight columns, so the NULL bitmaps need only a single byte. Don t forget that the total row overhead must also include the 2 bytes for each row in the row offset table at the bottom of the page.
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