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When an EFS-encrypted file is opened by a user with access to the FEK in the DDF information, EFS decryption (see Figure 16-2) takes place, as follows:
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A database designed to support analysis for decision making in an organization. tional database system used to manage the day-today operations of an organization.
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Table 17-2 lists the types of behaviors each isolation level allows. As you can see, read uncommitted is the least restrictive isolation level, and serializable is the most restrictive. As mentioned previously, the default SQL Server isolation level is read committed. As the level of isolation increases, SQL Server holds more restrictive locks and holds locks for longer periods of time. Since the isolation level affects the locking behavior for SELECT statements, isolation affects the locking mode used on data that is being read.
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Another way to check for conflicts is to use the System Information utility (Msinfo32.exe). Start the System Information utility by clicking Programs or All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, and then System Information. In System Information, expand Hardware Resources, and then select Conflicts/Sharing. As shown in Figure 13-10, a list of all resources that are in use is displayed. Again, keep in mind that devices can share IRQ settings thanks to ACPI, so what you are looking for are two unrelated devices sharing the same memory addresses or I/O ports, which would cause a conflict. Keep in mind related devices can share memory addresses and I/O ports. In the example, the Standard VGA Graphics Adapter and the Intel 82845 Processor to AGP Controller share the same memory addresses and I/O ports. That s okay because they are related. The PCI Bus is using a memory address space with these devices as well, which is as it should be because Standard VGA Graphics Adapter and the Intel 82845 Processor to AGP Controller are both PCI devices.
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Creating and Formatting Web Part Pages
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By default, completed, canceled, and failed requests stay in the queue for 72 hours. Waiting or in-progress operations stay in the queue until their status changes. If waiting or in-progress operations are causing problems, such as delaying priority operations, you can manage the requests in one of these ways:
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On the Replace page, you can click the following:
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Abbrev. Title
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Using Static Rows and Columns in a Matrix
Set the project context properties for deployment Publish a report by using Visual Studio In the Properties dialog box for the project, click the Configuration Manager button and set Build and Deploy to control deployment behavior. In Solution Explorer, right-click the object or objects to deploy. If the object is a solution, click Deploy Solution. For all other objects, click Deploy.
funct ion in a base class. You can also use t he MyBase k eyw ord t o set and get propert y values for a base class from a der iv ed class. Then you can use t he My Base k ey word t o invoke a m et hod w it h t he v alues t hat y ou passed t o t he base class. For exam ple, MyBase.One() in a deriv ed class invokes t he One m et hod in t he base class. The Shadows keyword can apply t o propert ies and m et hods in a der iv ed class. This k eyw ord essent ially blocks t he availabilit y of ident ically nam ed propert ies and m et hods in a base class. I n a sense, t he Shadows keyword for a propert y or m et hod in a derived class cast s a shadow ov er an ident ically nam ed pr opert y or m et hod in a base class. The Shadows keyword is m ore flex ible and pow er ful t han t he Ov erridable/ Ov er r ides keywords. For exam ple, t he Ov er ridable/ Ov er r ides keyw ords apply only t o m et hods im plem ent ed wit h sub procedures or funct ion procedur es. The Shadows keyw ord apples t o m et hods as well as pr opert ies. I n addit ion, you can shadow a m et hod in a base class wit h a pr opert y in a der iv ed class. The Shadows k ey word rem oves t he dependence of a der iv ed class on an ident ically nam ed obj ect in a base class. This insulat es t he derived class from any changes t o t he base class t hat could inadvert ent ly cause an er ror in t he der ived class. The Overr idable/ Ov errides k eywords don t offer t his prot ect ion for a der ived class from changes m ade in a base class. The Ov er loads keyword isn t st rict ly an inher it ance t opic, but t his k eyw ord pert ains t o classes, and it s nam e is sim ilar t o Ov er r ides. I n addit ion, using t he Over loads key word on a funct ion pr ocedur e, sub procedure, or propert y procedur e can alt er t he behav ior of t he pr ocedure. How ev er , t he Ov erloads keyw ord can apply t o m et hods or pr opert ies w it hin t he sam e class. A com m on use of t he Over loads k eyword is t o enable m ult iple v ersions of a funct ion procedur e t o operat e as one. Each funct ion pr ocedur e in a set of ov erloaded funct ion pr ocedur es has t he sam e nam e. Howev er , t he argum ent t ypes change for each funct ion procedur e w it hin a set . Ther efor e, one v ersion of a m et hod can accept a st ring argum ent , but anot her v ersion can accept a double dat a t ype as an ar- gum ent . The . NET Fram ework w ill aut om at ically inv ok e t he r ight funct ion procedur e based on an input s dat a t ype! That s t he power of t he Over loads keyw ord.
collapse the visibility of the report item. So, if a detail row is hidden when the report is rendered and its toggle item is a textbox in a header row, when a user clicks that plus sign in that textbox, the detail row is displayed. Conversely, if the detail row is visible, when the user clicks the toggle item, the detail row is hidden. If group footer totals are in the rows that you are hiding when the report initially opens, you might want to include these totals in a visible group header temporarily. You can then use the ToggleItem property for individual cells to hide the totals in the group header when the group footer is visible. In this procedure, you ll assign the SalesOrderNumber textbox to the ToggleItem property of both the detail row and table1_Order footer in the table of the Order Details report. Toggle the hidden state of an item 1. Click the Layout tab, and then click the row handle of the detail row to select the entire row. 2. In the Properties window, expand the Visibility category, and then select SalesOrderNumber in the ToggleItem property drop-down list. SalesOrderNumber is the name of the textbox containing the order number in the table1_Order header. By selecting this item as a ToggleItem, the SalesOrderNumber textbox will be the item that the user clicks to display the underlying detail rows. 3. Click the table1_Order footer handle to select the entire row. 4. In the Properties window, expand the Visibility category, and then select SalesOrderNumber in the ToggleItem property drop-down list. 5. Save and then preview the report to check the results. 6. Expand order SO8501 to confirm that your report looks like this:
Building Your First Report
Part 1: Part Title
Changes to colmodctr Values r
Windows SharePoint Services can display a list of subsites that reside directly below the current site, and that you have permission to access. To do this, on the Site Administration page, under Management And Statistics, click Manage Sites And Workspaces. This displays the Sites And Workspaces page shown in Figure 17-14. Sites appear on that page within three categories: Sites, Document Workspaces, and Meeting Workspaces. The Sites category includes all sites other than document and meeting workspaces.
var companiesGroupedByCountry = addresses.GroupBy(addrs => addrs.Country); foreach (var companiesPerCountry in companiesGroupedByCountry) { Console.WriteLine( Country: {0}\t{1} companies , companiesPerCountry.Key, companiesPerCountry.Count()); foreach (var companies in companiesPerCountry) { Console.WriteLine( \t{0} , companies.CompanyName); } }
3. In the Fixed Cost field for task 30, Generate proofs, type 500, and press the Tab key. 4. In the Fixed Cost Accrual field, select End, and press Tab.
button (or its arrow) on the Quick Access Toolbar. Click the Redo button if you change your mind again.
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