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As far as XNA is concerned, content (images, sounds, 3-D models, and video) is what makes games more interesting. XNA treats items of content in the same way that variables are created in programs. XNA can import a content item of a particular type (for example, my file containing a picture of Jake) and give it an identifier. When the game program is running, XNA fetches the game content items as they are requested by name. These content items are sometimes referred to as assets. In the same way that a company has assets, such as buildings, machinery, and staff, a game has assets such as sounds and images.
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7. Click each of the bold dates to see the checkpoints that were created on that day:
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3. On the Format tab, in the Insert Shapes group, click the More button to display
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the Table Styles group, click the Borders arrow, and click Borders and Shading. The Borders And Shading dialog box opens, displaying the borders applied to the selected cells.
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Datacenter Edition. All other versions of the Windows operating system require a clean installation no upgrade is possible.
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Figure 13-8 Check Constraints Expression dialog box.
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and many OLAP vendors have their own proprietary query languages. But in 2001, Microsoft, Hyperion, and SAS formed the XML for Analysis (XMLA) council to formulate a common specification for working with OLAP data sources. The query language chosen for the XMLA specification is MDX. Most major OLAP vendors have joined the XMLA council and now have XMLA providers. (For more information about XMLA, check out the council s Web site at In this section, you will be introduced to some of the benefits of MDX as a metadata-based query language. You don t need to try to learn the details of how to write MDX; you ll learn more about MDX specifics in a later chapter. Everything you learn about MDX queries in this book definitely applies to Microsoft Analysis Services. Most of it will also apply to most other OLAP providers, but some of the details may be different. One of the key benefits of a query language that can work with the metadata of an OLAP source is that you can use a general-purpose browser to query a specific data source. For example, with a Microsoft Analysis Services cube, you can choose to use Microsoft client tools such as those included in Microsoft Office, or you can choose tools from any of dozens of other vendors. Any client tool that uses MDX or XMLA can understand your cube and generate meaningful reports without the need for you to create custom queries. In other words, because MDX query statements are based on metadata stored in the OLAP cube, you can probably use a tool that will generate the query for you, and you won t have to write any MDX query statements at all. If you do have a reason for writing custom MDX queries, the metadata makes it much easier than writing SQL queries. As a simple example, in SQL, if you create a query that calculates the total Sales Units for each customer s City, you still need to add a clause to make sure that the cities are sorted properly; but in an MDX query, you simply state that you want the members of the City attribute and you automatically get the default sort order as defined in the metadata. As another example, in a SQL table that contains both Country and City columns, there is nothing to suggest that Cities belong to specific countries, so if you want to show all the cities from Germany, you have to explicitly include the fact the you want to filter by Germany but show cities; in an OLAP cube, where Country is defined as the parent of City, you can specify the query using the expression [Germany].Children. In fact, if you later inserted a Region attribute between Country and City, the MDX query would automatically return the regions in Germany, based on the hierarchical relationships defined in the metadata. These are just a taste of the kind of benefits MDX brings to the area of reporting queries. Many other kinds of reporting queries that are difficult in SQL such as a cross-tabulation that shows the best-selling products as column headings and the best-selling regions as row headings are very simple by using MDX queries. Some reports that are simply impossible in SQL such as nesting multiple layers of attributes as column headings are also very simple by using MDX queries.
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IPSec allows you to protect network traffic by providing data authentication or encryption, or both. In Windows Vista networks you can implement IPSec either through IPSec policies or through Connection Security Rules. As a means to deploy IPSec, IPSec policies are more powerful but also more difficult to configure than Connection Security Rules. IPSec policies, which are deployed through Local Computer Policy or a GPO, are made up of a set of IPSec rules. Each IPSec rule in turn is comprised of one IP filter list and one filter action. The filter list defines the type of traffic to which the filter action is applied. Filter actions are allow, block, and negotiate security (authenticate or encrypt, or both). Connection Security Rules protect all traffic between particular sources and destinations. By default, Connection Security Rules do not encrypt data but only ensure data integrity. You can create Connection Security Rules in the WFAS console.
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Choosing the Components
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Debug.WriteLine(dr.RowState) => Unchanged
Create RDL programmatically
type) and this entry includes an index key value and a 6-byte pointer to reference the page. In this case, the page pointer is in the format of 2 bytes for the FileID and 4 bytes for the PageNumberInTheFile. SQL Server does not need an 8-byte RID because the slot number does not need to be stored. The index key part of the entry always indicates the minimum value that could be on the pointed-to page. Note that they do not necessarily indicate the actual lowest value, just the lowest possible value for the page (as when the row with the lowest key value on a page is deleted, the index row in the level above is not updated).
The Unique Records Only filter hides duplicate records.
Microsoft Visual C# 2005 Express Edition: Build a Program Now!
Terminal Services client access licenses are issued per device or per user only. They are not available in per-server mode because Windows sessions are not allowed in per-server mode.
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