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Part VI: Administering SharePoint Services
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Games and Programming
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Create the PrinterSettings object, and set its properties.
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HAL Compatibility and RIPrep Images
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High Wycombe
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13. Click Customize Ribbon.
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Figure 2-1 Copying setup files locally to a temporary folder
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1. True. The Content Manager provides a version of the Load method that loads and converts audio files for use in a game. 2. True. You can also use .wma and .wav files. 3. False. The files are copied automatically for you by the Content Manager. 4. False. Each hardware platform supports a different number of simultaneous sound samples, but it is always more than one.
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Internals
Part II
List Chart
case, the substitution callback will be called at rendering time to contribute to the response. You can think of the Substitution control as a server-side control that has the capability of expanding a placeholder to some server-side processed results.
Caching of Product Information
With PageSetupDialog1 Initialize the PageSettings property. .PageSettings = New PageSettings() Allow the user to select paper size and margins. .AllowPaper = True .AllowMargins = True Disable the Printer button. .AllowPrinter = False Set minimum margins (100 units = 1 inch). .MinMargins = New Margins(50, 50, 50, 50) Display the dialog; exit if user canceled the action.
2: Working Efficiently in Windows XP
Mary Gibson
Object Serialization
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