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Strictly speaking, compiling a class in a separate DLL doesn t make it a component. From the .NET perspective, a component is a class that inherits from System.Compo nentModel.Component. This base class provides an implementation of the ICompo nent interface, which in turn is what lets you drop an instance of the class onto a designer s surface. The System.Windows.Forms.Timer class is a well-known example of a component. You can drop an instance of this class on a form s surface and set its properties at design time in the Properties window. You can morph a class into a component by simply adding an Inherits keyword:
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Advantages of Views
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Property Size: Width
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The Shell function expands on the original version and supports an additional argu ment that enables you to specify whether to wait until the shelled program terminates, with an optional timeout. This solves an old problem known to many Visual Basic developers without your having to resort to Windows API functions:
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Close the stream.
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{ FirstName = Orlando, LastName = Gee, Country = United States } { FirstName = Keith, LastName = Harris, Country = United States }
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You can accomplish this by mapping performance requirements, goals, and objectives, as well as compliance criteria, against the key deliveries, milestones, iterations, and checkpoints. The following table provides an example of this mapping. Checkpoint 1 Iteration 1 Iteration 2 Iteration 3
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Windows Forms Controls
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...(In the CalleeForm code module)... Property UserName() As String Get Return txtUserName.Text End Get Set(ByVal Value As String) txtUserName.Text = Value End Set End Property
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RFC 3442 defines many TCP/IP options that you can set in DHCP messages. Although you can set all of these options on a DHCP server, the set of options available is dependent upon the client s implementation of DHCP. Table 25-1 shows the options that can be configured by administrators and used by Windows computers running the DHCP Client service. Each option has an associated option code, which is used to identify it in a DHCP message, and a data entry, which contains the value setting of the option. These options are requested by clients to set their TCP/IP configuration.
The grid on this tab places each measure group in the cube in a column and each dimension in a row. At each intersection of a measure group and a dimension, you specify dimension usage that is, you specify how the dimension is related to the measure group. For example, you can see in this layout that the Employee dimension is related to the Reseller Sales measure group by way of the Employee attribute. This relationship is the cube s representation of the relationship between the DimEmployee and FactResellerSales tables based on EmployeeKey, as defined in the DSV. Because no other fact table contains an EmployeeKey column, there are no other relationships with a measure group defined for the Employee dimension. Now take a look at the Time dimension. As you learned in 4, the Time dimension can be a role-playing dimension when a fact table contains multiple foreign key columns for this one dimension. The fact tables underlying the Reseller Sales and Internet Sales measure groups fit this description, and, accordingly, you see each of the roleplaying dimensions Order Date, Due Date, and Ship Date associated with these two measure groups. On the other hand, the fact table underlying Product Forecast has only one foreign key column to the DimTime table and therefore is related only to the base dimension, Time. Whether using the role-playing dimension or the base dimension, all of the measure groups are related to the dimensions by way of the Date attribute, which is the key attribute for the Time dimension. Finally, notice how the Product Dimension intersects with all three measure groups. For the Reseller Sales and Internet Sales measure groups, the relationship is defined by the
20. Click the left arrow. In the Shape Styles group, click the Shape Fill arrow and
Applying Advanced Formatting and Printing
Managing Security
(COM) was ruling the world at Microsoft. The extensibility model of products and applications was based on COM and implemented through COM components. In the late 1990s, the right and natural choice was to implement this new component as a reusable automation COM object, named Microsoft.XmlHttp. COM objects are external components that require explicit permission safe for scripting to run inside of a Web browser. The XMLHttpRequest object is certainly a safe component, but to enable it users need to decrease their security settings and accept any other component declared safe for scripting that is hanging around the Web sites they visit. The XMLHttpRequest object has finally become a browser object with Internet Explorer 7.0. All potential security concerns are therefore removed at the root.
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