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SQL Server 2008 Architecture and Con guration
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Rather than just delivering a better ASP, the .NET initiative is trying to shape how the Internet works in the future. A problem with today s Internet is that there s no integration among the millions of sites around the world because there isn t a standard way to query them and get the information they store. Microsoft and other software companies are now trying to remedy this situation by introducing Web services. A Web service is nothing but an application that listens to requests coming to a TCP socket and reacts to the commands each request contains. For example, a Web service that provides foreign currency exchange rates presumably will react to requests containing the name of the source cur rency, the amount of money, and the name of the target currency. The Web service will then do the conversion from source to target currency and return the result to the client. Both the requests and the result are sent and received using SOAP, and there will be no ambiguity about the meaning of each piece of information sent through the wire. An important point about Web services is that they aren t based on any proprietary technology. Clients need only to format a SOAP request and send it through HTTP, and the server needs only to decode the request and send the result. All the protocols and technologies used by Web services such as SOAP, XML, HTTP, and TCP/IP are open standards. Microsoft doesn t own any of these standards, though it s working with other companies and with the W3C to shape them. As a matter of fact, you can imple ment a Web service on operating systems other than Microsoft Windows. Because Web services are based on off-the-shelf technologies, you don t need .NET to implement them. In fact, you can create a Web service using Visual Basic 6 and the SOAP Toolkit. However, the more you learn about the .NET Framework, the more you realize that you can be much more productive creating and consuming Web services using .NET than you can using traditional technologies. For example, you can invoke a Web service asynchronously with just a handful of statements in Visual Basic .NET.
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supply one, taking care not to assign the same id value as any other element on the page. Record the new id value, and then click the check mark button on the right in the Quick Tag Editor dialog box. Tip The X button closes the Quick Tag Editor dialog box without saving any changes you ve made. The check mark button saves your changes before closing the dialog box. For many page elements, the following procedure might be easier. However, it only works for elements that have Property dialog boxes containing a Style button.
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10. Select the Don t show on title slide check box, and click Apply to All. Then
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4 For the first DNS server in a forest, the Active Directory Installation Wizard creates the forest-side locator records and stores them in the _msdcs subdomain. Unlike Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003 creates this as a separate zone, which is referred to as the forest root zone.
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Track assignment-level work by time period. This is the most detailed level of track-
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.net data matrix reader
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Your screen looks like this:
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Note The using statement introduces its own block for scoping purposes. This arrangement means
If you choose to run Windows SharePoint Services with a SQL Server database:
Introducing Microsoft Visual C# and Microsoft Visual Studio 2008
Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Administration
Click the left scroll arrow to look at previous months on the calendar. Notice that the text box portion of the object also changes as you scroll the date. The today value at the bottom of the calendar doesn t change, however. Although you could scroll all the way back to your exact birthday, you may not have the patience to scroll month by month. To move to your birth year faster, select the year value in the date time picker text box and enter a new date.
Finally Close all streams. If Not desFs Is Nothing Then desFs.Close() If Not cs Is Nothing Then cs.Close() ElseIf Not souFs Is Nothing Then souFs.Close() End If End Try End Sub
Managing DHCP ing systems and could also include devices such as printers that can use dynamic IP addressing.
The <httpCookies> section is used to configure properties for cookies used by ASP.NET applications. Here is the overall schema:
Resolving Startup Issues
Maximum Number of Processors Supported
Part VII:
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