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that the legroup is for lestream data by using the phrase CONTAINS FILESTREAM. Unlike regular legroups, each lestream legroup can contain only one le reference, and that le is speci ed as an operating system folder, not a speci c le. The path up to the last folder must exist, and the last folder must not exist. So in my example, the path C:\Data must exist, but the Reviews_FS subfolder cannot exist when you execute the CREATE DATABASE command. Also unlike regular legroups, there is no space preallocated to the legroup and you do not specify size or growth information for the le within the legroup. The le and legroup will grow as data is added to tables that have been created with lestream columns:
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Note that the source code of the class can either be specified inline or loaded from any of the assemblies referenced by the application. When .ashx resources are used to implement an HTTP handler, you just deploy the source file and you re done. Just as for XML Web services, the source file is loaded and compiled only on demand. Because ASP.NET adds a special entry to the IIS metabase for .ashx resources, you don t even need to enter changes to the Web server configuration. Resources with an .ashx extension are handled by an HTTP handler class named SimpleHandleFactory. Note that SimpleHandleFactory is actually an HTTP handler factory class, not a simple HTTP handler class. We ll discuss handler factories in a moment. The SimpleHandleFactory class looks for the @WebHandler directive at the beginning of the file. The @WebHandler directive tells the handler factory the name of the HTTP handler class to instantiate when the source code has been compiled. Important You can build HTTP handlers both as regular class files compiled to an assembly and via .ashx resources. There s no significant difference between the two approaches except that .ashx resources, like ordinary ASP.NET pages, will be compiled on the fly upon the first request.
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Note Publishing the certificate in Active Directory allows an administrator to select the certificate from Active Directory rather than having to import the EFS recovery agent s certificate from an export file.
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Design Considerations
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Win32 Applications
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private int dateCompare(DateTime leftHandSide, DateTime rightHandSide) { ... else if (leftHandSide.Month < rightHandSide.Month) result = -1; else if (leftHandSide.Month > rightHandSide.Month) result = +1; }
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Dim arr() As Integer = {1, 2, 3} Result = Sum(arr)
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Organizing Project Details
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53. End Function
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in the Properties window. (You can learn more about type converters in 18.) Interestingly, if you define a custom property that returns one of these standard .NET objects, your property can also be set from inside the Properties window. For example, consider a property that returns a FontInfo object:
Disaster Planning
Delete the custom log. EventLog.Delete( MyLog )
Whenever you extend a virtual server with Windows SharePoint Services, you must identify the database server that will host the new virtual server s content databases. To specify a default database server, proceed as follows.
TO CREATE TABLES IN A DATABASE 1 select Add New Table. You should now see an empty grid on the designer surface, which is called
Part II
Architecturally speaking, the importance of the view state cannot be denied because it is key to setting up the automatic state management feature of ASP.NET. A couple of hot issues are related to the usage of the view state, however. The most frequently asked questions about the view state are related to security and performance. Can we say that the view state is inherently secure and cannot be tampered with How will the extra information contained in the view state affect the download time of the page Let s find out.
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Console.WriteLine(Power4(obj.Number)) => 81
This SQL statement is created from strings which are concatenated with an expression that represents the value of the CategoryString parameter at run-time.
} 11. Add the X and Y properties and fields. For this example, they ll be read-only. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. // Visual C# private int m_x = 0; public int X { Private m_y As Integer = 0 Public Readonly Property Y() As Integer Get Return m_y End Get End Property Visual Basic Private m_x As Integer = 0 Public Readonly Property X() As Integer Get Return m_x End Get End Property
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