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If you encounter a problem that you cannot resolve, you can open a completed Visual Basic .NET solution in the C:\rs2000sbs\Answers\chap14\XMLDataExtensionVB folder. If you prefer, you can open a completed C# solution in the C:\rs2000sbs\Answers\chap14\XMLDataExtensionCS folder. Build the selected solution so that you can perform the following steps successfully.
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not be available to work (for example, when someone will be on vacation)
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Generating SQL Server Agent Alerts
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The WebControl class supports a few additional methods that are not part of the base Control class. These methods are listed in Table 6-10.
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This is all that is needed to make a working bat. The world outside the bat knows it only by the methods it exposes, and everything about how the bat works is hidden inside and can t be damaged by the outside world.
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later; for now, all you need to know is that the Clear method is given something that describes a color, and the method clears the screen to that color. At the moment, you are sending the Clear method the color CornflowerBlue, and it is clearing the screen to be that color. If you want a different color, you just have to send a different value into Clear:
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Limits (per report) Persistence
InitialDirectory OverwritePrompt
CA Name: Lucerne Publishing Root CA CA Validity Period: 20 Years
new System.Collections.ArrayList(); An ArrayList is a data structure class available from the .NET Framework that allows you to create an array that grows dynamically. You can add new objects to the collection without having to resize the ArrayList structure, which you wouldn t be able to do in C# with an array. You ll still be able to retrieve objects from the ArrayList class using an index. Add the ReadFromFile method Add the following code for the ReadFromFile method. The code differs slightly from the previous implementation in the constructor. Instead of adding one more string to an array for the class names, you re adding one more AClass object to an ArrayList object. Visual Basic Public Sub ReadFromFile(ByVal fullPath As String) Try
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1 Use the sn.exe program to generate a strong key file. You need this so that Visual Studio .NET can give your assembly a strong name. 2 Add the strong key file to your project, and enter its name in the AssemblyInfo.cs file. 3 Choose Rebuild Solution from the Build menu and resolve any compilation errors. Repeat as necessary. 4 Copy the resulting DLL into your server s Global Assembly Cache, or into the bin folder for your virtual server. 5 Add a <SafeControl> entry to the <SafeControls> section of the virtual server s web.config file. Remember that the InstallAssemblies tool can perform steps 4 and 5 for you. 6 Make sure the Web Part appears on the Web Part Gallery: New Web Parts (AllItems.aspx) page. If so, select it and click Populate Gallery. 7 Add the Web Part to a Web Part Page (probably a new one) and see what happens.
Any exception from the inner UpdateAccount private method is correctly returned to the client, but the AutoComplete attribute ensures that the TransferMoney method cor rectly votes for the transaction it runs in.
To avoid having to create 12 les and legroups, I have put all the partitions on the PRIMARY legroup, but for the full bene t of partitioning, you should probably have each partition on its own legroup. The CREATE PARTITION SCHEME command must list at least as many legroups as there are partitions, but there can be one more. If one extra legroup is listed, it is considered the next used legroup. If the partition function splits, the new boundary point is added in the legroup used next. If you do not specify an extra legroup at the time you create the partition scheme, you can alter the partition scheme to set the next-used legroup prior to modifying the function. As you ve seen, the listed legroups do not have to be unique. In fact, if you want to have all the partitions on the same legroup, as I do here, there is a shortcut syntax:
Using OUs for Group Policy
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