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ing the contents of the \I386 folder manually from the Windows Server 2003 CD to a network share. Unattended installations use answer files to configure system settings and to control the process.
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Windows Vista supports the following wireless security protocols, in order from least to most secure:
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Software Restriction Policies in Group Policy
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FIGURE 5-13 3 D text that jumps out of the screen.
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This setting appears only when you set Get Information From to User Information. In that case, it specifies whether a Windows Messenger icon should appear next to the data value in list views.
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Releasing the Selection
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Performance Monitoring and Tuning
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To enumerate a collection, code a foreach loop like the one below:
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An IMoveable Interface
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In this procedure, you ll edit the rsreportserver.config file in Microsoft Visual Studio to change the number of active sessions permitted per user. Change unencrypted information in the RSReportServer.config file 1. Using Windows Explorer, make a backup copy of the rsreportserver.config file in the C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL.3\Reporting Services\ReportServer folder (assuming you used the default installation location for Reporting Services). Important Before making changes to configuration files, you should always make a copy of the file for restoring settings in case a change you make causes a problem.
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file w it h a single root elem ent cont aining t he Updat egram nam espace designat or. ( See Figure 6- 15.) Figu r e 6 - 1 5 . You in vok e an Upd a t e gr a m sim ila rly t o t h e w ay you r un a n X M L t e m plat e file .
Common or recently selected page templates are available from the New Page menu.
For more information about modifying lists using a browser, refer to the section titled Modifying Lists in 6. For more information about using FrontPage to modify lists, refer to the section titled, Modifying SharePoint Lists and Libraries, in 10.
14. Click the Source button at the bottom of the Design View window. You should see the HTML description of the form and the style in the Code and Text Editor window, like this (some lines have been split and reformatted to t this code in a readable format on the printed page):
Application (optional)
The WebRequest and WebResponse classes work together, as the following listing demonstrates:
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