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9 Add the following using directive to the top of the code file:
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Part 4: Managing Windows Server 2003 Systems
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Authoring Reports
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6. After you select the type of publication, the Articles page appears. This page allows you to select the objects, such as tables, stored procedures, views, and so on, that will be part of this publication. As you see in this walkthrough, I have created a table in the AdventureWorks database that is not eligible for replication. This is because transactional replication requires a primary key on each article table. By clicking on this table, text is shown that explains that this table is not a candidate for replication because it does not have a primary key defined, as shown in Figure 20-10. The other tables in this database have been selected to be included in this article, as shown in Figure 20-10. Click Next to continue. Note
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Public Sub OpenConnection() End Sub 'OpenConnection
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Tracing refers to the program s ability to send informative messages about the status of the execution. In general, tracing is a way to monitor the behavior of an application in a production environment, and debugging is used for development time testing. The <trace> section defines attributes that can modify the behavior of application-level tracing. The attributes are listed in Table 3-15.
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Part 4: Managing Windows Server 2003 Systems
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16 Building Custom Reporting Tools
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Part II
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Both the RepostLoaded event handler and the BtnAddClick event handler call this method to display a current listing of top-level sites. To code the method, proceed as follows:
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Practice: Implementing and Troubleshooting Remote Desktop
tblSites.Rows.Add(new HtmlTableRow()); rowSites = tblSites.Rows[tblSites.Rows.Count - 1]; rowSites.Attributes["class"] = "ms-vh";
Here s some client code that consumes the Rectangle class:
Be wary of using a predictable method, or pattern, of assigning passwords. Although a systematic method is a much better way to assign
Because Visual Basic modules are just classes whose members are automatically flagged as Shared, you can also apply the ThreadStatic attribute to any module-level variable in a module. Even if you decide not to explicitly create new threads in your applications, you might have to worry about arbitrating access to module-level and static class-level variables anyway. In fact, by default the Finalize method of your objects runs on a different thread than your application s main thread; therefore, you should ensure that either you don t access any shared variables from Finalize methods or you protect these vari ables by using synchronization blocks (which I explain later).
At this point, you might be experiencing d j vu or at least think you ve seen this code before. The pattern is the same as when you loaded your images, and even the name of the method is the same. However, this time you re using the generic Load method to fetch a SpriteFont rather than a Texture2D element. There is some strong programming magic at work here, but fortunately you don t need to worry about this at the moment; all you need to know is that the Load method gets whatever type it is asked to fetch. Later, you ll create some games that contain textures, fonts, and sounds, and for each type, the Load method behaves in an appropriate manner.
aspnet_regiis.exe /s W3SVC/1/ROOT/MyApplication
Delivering Reports
Part 5: Managing Windows Server 2003 Storage and File Systems
17. If prompted, insert the Windows Server 2003, Enterprise Edition, CD in the CDROM drive and choose the \i386 folder.
Debugging Tools
Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Inside Out
FROM sys.partitions p JOIN sys.allocation_units au ON p.partition_id = au.container_id WHERE object_id = object_id('dbo.Employees_pagecompressed'); GO TRUNCATE TABLE sp_table_pages; GO INSERT INTO sp_tablepages EXEC ('DBCC IND(AdventureWorks2008, INSERT INTO sp_tablepages EXEC ('DBCC IND(AdventureWorks2008, INSERT INTO sp_tablepages EXEC ('DBCC IND(AdventureWorks2008, GO SELECT OBJECT_NAME(ObjectID), count(*) FROM sp_tablepages WHERE pagetype = 1 GROUP BY OBJECT_NAME(ObjectID); GO
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