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When it comes to implementation, you can proceed by creating a static class (say, you call it Navigator) that acts as the application s front end for navigation. Here, the Navigator class is a plain container for the real navigation logic. You inject the application-specific navigation workflow through an additional component. The extra layer represented by the navigation workflow shields the presenter from knowing the details of the platform specific navigation. For example, navigation within a Web Forms application is based on Response.Redirect, whereas navigation relies on form-based display in Windows Forms.
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After you have created several slides, whether by adding them and entering text or by importing them from another presentation, you might want to rearrange the order of the slides so that they effectively communicate your message. You can rearrange a presentation in three ways.
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Some snap-ins can be set to work with local or remote systems. If this is the case, you ll see the name of the computer with focus in parentheses after the snap-in name in the console tree. When the snap-in is working with the local computer, you ll see (Local) after the snap-in
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NetworkGamer sender; localHost.ReceiveData(reader, out sender);
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SELECT * FROM sys.dm_tran_locks;
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Figure 2-2 shows the Windows SIM tool.
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4. In the Name box, type [Category Percent of Total]. Remember from 5, Designing Measure Groups and Measures, that you must enclose a calculation name in brackets when the name of the calculation contains a space or a character other than a letter or number. 5. Expand Measures in the cube metadata tree, on the Metadata tab, located in the Calculation Tools pane, and then expand the Reseller Sales measure group folder. 6. Drag Reseller Sales Amount into the Expression box, click to position the cursor at the end of the expression, and then type , (comma). 7. In the cube metadata tree, expand Product, expand Category, expand Members, and then expand All. You ll first start with a constant value for the tuple in the numerator to see how using a constant affects calculations in the cube. This calculation determines the percentage of sales that the Bikes category contributes to all product sales. 8. Drag Bikes into the Expression box and drop it at the end of the expression. 9. Type ( (open parenthesis) at the beginning of the expression and ) (close parenthesis) at the end of the expression to create a tuple. The expression now looks like this:
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Transaction Log Basics
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JavaScript is a language tailor-made for the Web and, more specifically, for the browser. I won t stray too far from the truth by saying that there s little life for JavaScript outside the realm of a Web browser, even though the demand for out-of-browser JavaScript is growing and might explode in the near future.
Part III:
Introducing Microsoft Visual C# and Microsoft Visual Studio 2008
You can also reach this page to add a new role or edit an existing role at any time by using the Site Settings link at the top of any Report Manager page. Follow the Configure Item-Level Role Definitions link to access the Item-Level Roles page.
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Figure 31-8
countdownTimerTicks = countdownTimerTicks - 1; if (countdownTimerTicks < 0) { // A second has gone by // reset the tick counter countdownTimerTicks = 59; // Play a sound - use a different sound in the last minute if (countdownTimerMins > 0) { sounds.PlayCue( tick ); } else { sounds.PlayCue( loudTick ); } countdownTimerSecs = countdownTimerSecs - 1; if (countdownTimerSecs < 0) { // A minute has gone by countdownTimerSecs = 59; countdownTimerMins = countdownTimerMins - 1; if (countdownTimerMins < 0) { // We have run out of time sounds.PlayCue( lose ); GamePad.SetVibration(PlayerIndex.One, 0, 0); state = GameState.GameLost; } } }
The Dimension Wizard examines the foreign key relationships in the data source view and looks for any other tables that might also be included in this dimension . The tables are then displayed on the Select Related Tables page . The DimProduct table is part of the snowflake Product dimension that also contains the DimProductSubcategory and
Type the text for the survey question.
FIGURE 4-1 A sample HTTP handler that answers requests for hello.axd.
Network IDs for Classful Networks
Here s how the root <configuration> element appears for transformation files:
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