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Sub PageStart(strPageNameWithExtension) 'comments and code omitted for clarity ' strip off the pasp file extension Dim strPageName strPageName = Trim(Left(strPageNameWithExtension, _ InstrRev(strPageNameWithExtension, _ ".") - 1)) if mc_blnUsePassport = True then Call InitPassport(GetServerURL() & "/" & mc_strPassportReturnPage Else ' End if 'XML header Response.Write _ "< xml-stylesheet type=""text/xsl"" _ server-config=""" & _ strPageName & "-Config.xml"" href=""" & _ strPageName & "-IE5.xsl"" >" & vbcrlf 'root for the page element. 'the tag is closed in the "PageEnd" Subroutine. Response.Write "<page pagename=""" _ & strPageNameWithExtension & """>" & vbcrlf 'This information is used by the link to passport for 'returning back to the site after passport authentication. Call XMLTag("HTTPHost", Server.URLEncode(GetHTTPHost())) if not LocalIsLoggedIn() then Call GetPassportLogo(GetServerURL() & "/" & mc_strPassportReturnPage) end if End Sub
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Similarly, the following command blocks access to the Contoso wireless network:
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Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services Inside Out The links in the Customization section modify the appearance of the site and its contents. c# example
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tempdb Space Monitoring
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Using WordArt, you can easily add fancy text to a document and then format and
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Mirrored Backups
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Taking Full Control of the Insert Template
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The data for each color intensity is being held in a variable of type byte. The byte type is interesting because it uses 8 bits of computer memory to hold the value that it is trying to represent. Computer memory is actually a huge number of such locations, each of which is 1 byte in size. The Xbox 360 has 512 megabytes of memory. This means that the memory inside the console has about 512 million storage locations, each of which can hold a single byte value. The memory is addressed by number, and the compiler generates a program that uses a particular memory location when it accesses a particular variable. Figure 2-8 shows how this might work. The compiler has decided that blueIntensity is to be held in memory byte number 1003, greenIntensity in memory byte number 1004, and so on.
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the Secure Desktop when prompting users for administrative credentials using UAC. This helps to prevent Trojan horses or other malicious software from tricking the user into entering credentials. However, the Secure Desktop freezes and darkens the screen, which can be annoying for some users. The Secure Desktop should never cause application problems.
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SPWebCollection swcWebs = spwCurr.GetSubwebsForCurrentUser();
Editing Macros
Row Versioning
Object Connection Namespaces System Microsoft.ReportingServices.DataProcessing Microsoft.ReportingServices.Interfaces Command System System.Component.Model Microsoft.ReportingServices.DataProcessing IDbCommand Interfaces IDbConnectionExtension
You can use the following post-installation script to configure the root CA to implement these design assumptions and the assumptions stated earlier in this chapter:
Th e SqlD a t a Ada pt e r Cla ss a n d t h e D a t a Se t Cla ss
netsh exec SaveFile
Managing the Report Server
Get a reference to the PropertyInfo object.
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