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You see the resource information from the Consolidating A project plan appear in the resource pool.
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Table 26-3.
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Part I The ASP.NET Runtime Environment
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There is only one main structural change to a page when it is page-compressed. SQL Server adds a hidden row right after the page header (at byte offset 96, or 0x60) called the compression information (CI) record. The structure of the CI record is shown in Figure 7-14.
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Before using a browser to change any lists, libraries, or pages in a site, always close any pages from that site you have open in FrontPage.
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Part 3
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A report snapshot is an example of a scheduled report. The schedule information is specified by a user or administrator using Report Manager and stored in the ReportServer database. When the Scheduling and Delivery Processor finishes processing the snapshot, the intermediate format is stored in the ReportServer database. When a user wants to view the report, Report Server takes over by retrieving the intermediate format of the snapshot and calling the specified rendering extension to finalize the output. In 8, you learn about scheduling reports. When users subscribe to reports, the desired delivery extension is selected and the time of delivery is specified. When the time comes to deliver a report, the Scheduling and Delivery Processor gets a rendered report and then passes the report to the applicable delivery extension. Delivery options for subscriptions are described in 13, Managing Subscriptions.
Integration Services Feature Comparison by Edition
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