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Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Internals
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The Add Or Remove Programs window may continue to display some of the components as installed even though they ve been uninstalled. This is because the Add Or Remove Programs window does not autorefresh. The easiest way to refresh the window is to close it and then click Add Or Remove Programs in the Control Panel again.
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Part II
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Save Project data in other formats (to do this, on the File tab, click Save As,
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Certificate Maximum Validity Period: 2 Years
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5. Display the Program.cs le in the Code and Text Editor window. As in the exercises in previous chapters, the Main method calls the Entrance method and traps any exceptions that occur. 6. In the Code and Text Editor window, add a statement to the Entrance method to declare a variable named rst of type Month and initialize it to Month.January. Add another statement to write the value of the rst variable to the console. The Entrance method should look like this:
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Although it is perfectly okay to make your first program print something other than Hello World, I take no responsibility for any misfortune that you suffer as a result of offending the programming gods in this way.
There is a lot of rich information located in the graphical execution plan that can be easily overlooked. For example, the width of the arrows linking the various nodes together indicates the amount of the data that was passed from one operation to the other. Holding the mouse over one of these arrows actually shows you the actual number of rows generated amongst other information.
The report will not be available until it executes for the first time, which will be the first day of the next month.
Part II:
<x:BarChart runat="server" id="BarChart1" Maximum="100" SubTitle="Subtitle" Title="Title" OnBarChartDataBound="BarChart1_BarChartDataBound" > ... </x:BarChart>
Answers to these questions and explanations of why each answer choice is right or wrong are located in the Answers section at the end of the book.
Using the Keyboard
int CreateAllItems(Table t, IEnumerable data, bool useDataSource) { // Count how many items we add int itemCount = 0; // Clears the Items collection (creates it, if null) Items.Clear(); // Scroll data items, and create table items foreach (object o in data) { // Create the match item object BarChartItemType itemType = BarChartItemType.Item; BarChartItem item = CreateBarChartItem(t, itemType, o, useDataSource); // Add the newly created object to the Items collection _items.Add(item); // Increase the counter itemCount++; } // Return how many items we have into the viewstate (for postbacks) return itemCount; }
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