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Content Manager The Content Manager is the component of XNA that manages all
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In this procedure, you will modify the attribute relationships in the Product dimension to indicate to Analysis Services that the Category, Subcategory, Product, and Product ID attributes form a natural hierarchy . 1. In Solution Explorer, expand the Dimensions folder, right-click Product .dim, and select View Designer . 2. In Dimension Designer, select the Attribute Relationships tab . You can see in the Attribute Relationships pane that every attribute is related to the key attribute, Product ID . Analysis Services is unable to take advantage of the natural hierarchy that exists in the Product dimension . For example, to derive a value for a Category, Analysis Services must aggregate the values of all of the Product IDs that belong to that category . 3. Right-click the Product ID Subcategory relationship and select Edit Attribute Relationship to display the Edit Attribute Relationship dialog box, which you can use to create a natural hierarchy . The Source Attribute identifies the child attribute and the Related Attribute identifies the parent attribute .
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Part III:
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...(Continuing the first example in this chapter)...
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Part VI: Administering SharePoint Services
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processed as ASP.NET MVC requests, while others are left to the standard processing engine of Web Forms.
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Part VI: Administering SharePoint Services
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Part II
If you have a large, permanent warehouse, and if using aggregations can satisfy most queries, HOLAP storage is an excellent option. Queries that must go to the detail data will be slower than if the cube used MOLAP storage, but if they re infrequent, the performance gain might not be worth the incremental storage requirements. In addition, processing a MOLAP cube can take more time than processing a HOLAP cube. While developing an OLAP cube during the time that you might process frequently you may want to use HOLAP storage simply to speed up processing. Once you have completed the database design, you can switch to MOLAP storage to maximize query performance. Note
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