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In my AdventureWorks2008 database, these are the results I receive:
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Restoring Data
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Here is the output from the second execution of DBCC PAGE:
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All of these procedures ultimately display the SharePoint List dialog box shown in Figure 10-8.
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ASP.NET Control Containers
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User Right
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Part III
Up until now, you ve been using value types and reference types without worrying too much about the difference, but as you write more complicated games, you ll need to deal with both kinds. Later, you ll revisit the way that value and references are used when you design some data types of your own; for now, the important concept to remember is that an array is a type that is managed by reference, and that what you get back from GetPressedKeys is a reference to an array.
To connect to a wireless network, a user must acquire a certificate based on the cus tom version 2 certificate template discussed earlier in this chapter. To minimize the risks involved with deploying certificates, it is recommended to use autoenrollment for Windows XP computers and scripted enrollment for Windows 2000 computers. To enable certificate autoenrollment for the user certificate template for Win dows XP and Windows Server 2003 computers, you must do the following: 1. Modify the permissions of the custom certificate template to assign Read, Enroll, and Autoenroll permissions to a global or universal group containing all wireless users. 2. Modify the custom certificate template to not require user input during the enrollment process. By not requiring user input, certificates are issued to the user invisibly. 3. Ensure that the custom version 2 certificate template is available at one or more enterprise CAs for enrollment. 4. Enable the Autoenrollment Settings Group Policy setting at the OU or domain containing all wireless user accounts.
The security settings on your computer may require you to enter credentials again. Simply type SalesAnalyst again for both the user and password.
If you use the browser s Refresh button, or if you press CTRL+F5, the report is reloaded from the cache without the report definition.
Although ASP.NET lets you distribute web.config files over all the application s subdi rectories, it surely doesn t force you to do so. You can keep all the application settings in its main web.config file, while enforcing different settings on a directory-by-direc tory basis, if you want. The key to this useful feature is the <location> tag. For exam ple, let s see how an application s configuration file can specify different authorization settings for its different subdirectories. This web.config file enforces the same settings as the example seen in the preceding section:
Create additional partitions If you plan to create multiple partitions, don t worry about doing it when installing the operating system. Configure the Windows operating system to use a partition of the correct size, such as 4 GB or more, and then create the other partitions that you want to use after the installation is finished.
Just like SQL, LINQ enables you to join multiple sets of data together over one or more common key elds. The following example shows how to display the rst and last name of each customer, together with the names of the countries where they are located:
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