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Defining CRL distribution points
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Using the Query Log
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to the 0.5 inch mark. The First Line Indent and Hanging Indent markers move with the Left Indent marker.
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Part 1
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Answers to the Review Questions
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As with previous Visual Basic versions, you can decide whether your application starts with a given visible object (typically a form) or by executing a Sub Main procedure defined in a module. A problem that occurs with previous language versions is that
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The error is caused because 3.14159 is compiled as a double precision value, and you know that the C# compiler hates it when you perform an action that might result in a loss of data (which is what would happen if you put a double value into a float variable). There are two ways around this: you can cast the double value to floating point, or you can change the value in the program to be a floating point value, as shown here:
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With subnetting, an IP address alone doesn t help you understand how the address can be used. To be sure, you must know the number of bits in the network ID. As discussed, the subnet mask provides one way to determine which bits in the IP address belong to the network ID and which bits belong to the host ID. If you have a block of IP addresses, writing out each IP address and the subnet mask is rather tedious. A shorthand way to do this is to use network prefix notation, which is also referred to as the Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR) notation. In network prefix notation, the network ID is seen as the prefix of an IP address, and the host ID as the suffix. To write a block of IP addresses and specify which bits are used for the network ID, you write the network number followed by a forward slash and the number of bits in the network ID, as in
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Fortunately, you can implement custom code generation for a single constituent con trol the Button, in the example while continuing to use the composition technique for all others. The trick is actually simple: instead of instantiating a regular Button object, you create an instance of a custom Button class that you have defined. This cus tom Button class derives its functionality from the real Button, but overrides two methods: in the Render method you output the custom <input> tag with a proper onClick attribute, while in the OnPreRender method you emit the code for the Multi plierExecute script routine. The custom Button class appears as a nested class inside the main MultiplierEx class so that the name Button now refers to the nested custom class instead of the standard Button class in the System.Web.UI.WebControls namespace. This trick enables you to reuse all the code in the main class because the nested Button class shadows the ASP.NET Button class. Not counting the implementation of the EnableClientScript property, which is just a wrapper around an element in the ViewState collection, the only addition to the main MultiplierEx class is a block of three lines in the CreateChildControls routine (empha sized in boldface in the following listing). These statements ensure that the name attribute that ASP.NET generates for the three text fields is a valid variable name in JavaScript. This can be achieved easily by assigning the ClientID property to the ID property.
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to the last thumbnail. The thumbnail expands so that you can see the slide details, making it easier to select the slide you want.
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Modify the certificate template to use the specific smart card cryptographic ser vice provider (CSP) required by your organization s smart cards. Add a custom application policy to the certificate template named Organization VPN User. When you define the application policy, ensure that you assign the application policy an OID from your organization s assigned OID arc.
Manageability is the ability to perform site administration tasks. In the case of an e-commerce application, this includes configuring catalogs, promotional specials, shipping costs, tax rates, user accounts, and providing a reporting mechanism for site usage, trends, and so on. Having an all-pervasive management infrastructure allows business managers to configure the site to respond to trends in the marketplace and competitor activity.
Part 3
float widthChange = getPercentage(1, rectWidth); rectWidth = rectWidth - widthChange; rectX = rectX + (widthChange / 2); float heightChange = getPercentage(1, rectHeight); rectHeight = rectHeight - heightChange; rectY = rectY + (heightChange / 2); jakeRect.Width = (int)rectWidth; jakeRect.Height = (int)rectHeight; jakeRect.X = (int)rectX; jakeRect.Y = (int)rectY;
RAID Levels
charge of displaying high-score tables for your game. High scores work the same way in many games, so it makes sense to write the code only once and then use it in those games. You would do this by creating a library project to deal with the high scores and then add this project to the shopping list of those projects. However, for now, you ll simply create games that are single projects. The Great Programmer Speaks: Architecture Is Important Our Great Programmer is very keen on using projects to reuse code. The way she sees it, that way she can get paid several times for writing the same piece of software. When she starts work on a new system, she takes a lot of time to try to structure things into projects so that different parts of the system are in separate projects.
Dynamic Update is disabled by default for automated installations and must be enabled in the answer file.
int i = 42; int copyi = i;
In the Toolbox window, click Matrix, and then click the left edge of the design grid just below the textbox containing the report title. Your screen looks like this:
The Repeater control is the simplest template control. It doesn t expose any custom properties and therefore works well to demonstrate the potential of templates. On the other hand, Visual Studio doesn t support visual editing of Repeater templates, so its templates must be manually typed in the HTML code editor.
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