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Active Directory. If you define certificate mapping in Active Directory, the certificate mapping definition is available at any IIS server that is a member of the forest. This reduces the work and effort in defining and using certificate mappings. As long as the IIS server is configured to enable certificate mapping and enables the Windows directory service mapper, all defined certificate mappings are available for use. IIS. If you define certificate mappings in IIS, the certificate mapping definition is only available on that IIS server. In some cases, this is the only choice. For example, if the IIS server is not a member of the forest or is installed on a network where Active Directory is not used, IIS certificate mapping is the only solution (unless you implement a third-party product).
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Private Sub Page_Load(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As EventArgs) _ Handles MyBase.Load Append current time to the current contents of the Label control. lblTime.Text &= Current time is & Date.Now.ToLongTimeString & <br>" End Sub
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This tag configures the code access security level applied to an ASP.NET application; it can appear in all types of configuration files:
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Rename domains to move them within a domain tree. For example, you could rename
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TO STOP AN APPLICATION 1 Select the tsmiExit control from the Properties window s drop-down list. 2 event. The Code view appears.
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Part II
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Initiates an asynchronous call to the specified HTTP handler Terminates the asynchronous call
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ASP.NET security is a complex topic because it s actually the convergence of three differ ent security models: Windows security, Internet Information Services (IIS) security, and ASP.NET s own security. Not surprisingly, therefore, you need to know the rudiments of how security works in Windows and IIS to fully comprehend ASP.NET security issues.
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Windows 2000 Native Windows Server 2003 Interim Windows Server 2003
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// Visual C# public SortablePoint() { } public SortablePoint(int x, int y) { m_x = x; m_y = y;
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Displaying Full ASP.NET Error Messages
Granting the Log On As A Service User Right
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Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Administration
Review the tag attributes, and make sure that one of them is an id. In this example, the id attribute is id="LinkDesc".
SQL Server also supports matching indexed views in cases beyond exact matches of the query text to the view de nition. It also supports using an indexed view for inexact matches where the de nition of the view is broader than the query submitted by the user. SQL Server then applies residual lters, projections (columns in the select list), and even aggregates to use the view as a partial precomputation of the query result. Listing 8-12 demonstrates view matching for both lter and projection residuals. It creates a view that has more rows and more columns than our nal query, but the indexed view is still matched by the Query Optimizer. The resulting query plan is shown in Figure 8-43.
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