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These functions are typically used in footer rows of a table or a matrix, but can also be used in freestanding textboxes. Two running aggregate functions are often used in detail rows to display accumulating values. The running aggregate functions are shown in the following table:
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Client Encryption
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How IPSec Connections Are Established
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Part VI: Administering SharePoint Services
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Visual Basic .NET also supports the NotOverridable keyword, which explicitly states that a method can t be overridden; however, this is the default behavior. In fact, you can use this keyword only in conjunction with the Overrides keyword, as I explain in the following section. When you override a property in the base class, you can redefine its internal imple mentation, but you can t alter the read or write attribute. For example, if the base class
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Accessibility is the ability to access the site from a number of different device types or browsers. The Internet is evolving at an incredible rate, and as such the devices that access the Internet have grown in their diversity. Building an e-commerce application that is accessible and functional on many different devices has become a difficult task. The key to supporting multiple clients is to abstract the presentation format from the content. A number of approaches can be used to do this, including writing logic in ASP pages to generate a different response depending on the client or redirecting different devices to alternative sites. However, one of the most powerful ways to abstract presentation logic from content is to use Extensible Markup Language (XML). If the data to be presented can be expressed as XML, then an Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL) style sheet can be applied to render the data for a specific type of client. This way, the same content can be presented to different clients by applying different style sheets. Figure 6.3 illustrates this concept:
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Figure 6-27.
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You ve seen methods many times before. Mr. Draw and Mrs. Update are methods that were written by the XNA team for you to use. Now you create a method of your own. This means that you need to provide a name (identifier) for the method and a way that the method can tell you the result. You also need to provide a list of instructions for the method to use when it s asked to run. Figure 10-5 shows how this might work. You ve given the method the name getPercentage, and Mr. getPercentage now has a chair and a telephone in the Game1 office.
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Part III
SELECT 'sysusers name', u.sid 'sysusers sid' FROM prod..sysusers u WHERE = 'frankmcb';
Edward Whalen is the founder of Performance Tuning Corporation (, a consulting company specializing in database performance, administration, and backup/recovery solutions. He has extensive experience in database system design and tuning for optimal performance. His career has consisted of hardware, operating system, and database development projects for many different companies. He has written four other books on the Microsoft SQL Server RDBMS and has also written four books on Oracle. In addition to writing, he has worked on numerous benchmarks and performance tuning projects with both Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle. He is recognized as a leader in database performance tuning and optimization on both SQL Server and Oracle. He can be reached at Marcilina (Marci) Garcia is director of consulting operations and senior database consultant for Performance Tuning Corporation ( She has worked as a consultant for more than nine years, specializing in troubleshooting and tuning Microsoft SQL Server database systems, system and storage architecture, database benchmarks, load test development, and sizing and capacity planning. She has previously coauthored four technical books for Microsoft Press on SQL Server administration and performance tuning. Burzin Patel is currently a program manager in the SQL Server team at Microsoft Corporation. He is responsible for managing the relationship with strategic Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) as well as large-scale customers. Prior to Microsoft, he consulted at IBM Corporation as lead performance engineer for four years, where he specialized in end-to-end system performance and configuration. He has authored several papers and lectured on a variety of topics around the world. He currently holds two U.S. patents, plus others that are pending approval, for inventions pertaining to performance and optimizations. You can contact him via e-mail at or telephone (650) 867-7314. Stacia Misner is the founder of Data Inspirations, where she delivers business intelligence consulting and education services. She is a consultant, educator, mentor, and author specializing in business intelligence and performance management solutions using Microsoft technologies. Stacia has more than 22 years of experience in IT and has focused exclusively on business intelligence since 1999. She wrote both Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services Step by Step andMicrosoft SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services Step by Step, and wrote Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services Step by Step and Business
Understanding and Configuring User Account Control
The sac utility is very powerful and provides the flexibility of exporting and importing settings for specific services as well as Features and Network settings. The entire list of options for this utility can be found at http://
If @@TRANCOUNT has a value of 1 when a COMMIT is encountered, then the transaction is committed and all its modifications are made a permanent part of the database. If @@TRANCOUNT is greater than 1 when a COMMIT is encountered, then @@TRANCOUNT is simply decremented by 1 and no transactions are actually committed the outer transaction stays active. This is important for nesting transactions, as seen in the next section.
When you build the current project, Visual Studio .NET correctly copies this configura tion file to the directory with the application executable, renames the file to match the name of the EXE file, and adds a .config extension (for example, myapp.exe.config ) so that .NET recognizes it as the configuration file for the application. You can now run the application and you ll see no message boxes on the screen. The autoflush attribute should be false when the application is outputting to a file, so the output isn t flushed to the file at each Assert method. You can also control this feature with the AutoFlush property of the Debug or Trace class.
Because you (or a report administrator) may have changed properties for report parameters previously, the deployment of a report doesn t always overwrite the properties managed by Report Server even though you made changes to the default values in the report definition.
IIS stores the list of recognized resources in the IIS metabase. Depending on the version of IIS you are using, the metabase might be a hidden component or a plain configuration file that an administrator can freely edit by hand. Regardless of the internal implementation, the IIS manager tool provides a user interface to edit the content of the metabase. Upon installation, ASP.NET modifies the IIS metabase to make sure that aspnet_isapi.dll can handle some typical ASP.NET resources. Table 5-1 lists some of these resources.
If something happens to the WINS database, you can use the backup files to recover it to the state it was in prior to the problem. To restore the WINS database from backup, follow these steps:
This block is always executed.
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