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3. Under Leveling calculations, make sure that Manual is selected.
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Code Be h ind t h e W eb Pa ge The code behind t he Web page handles t he m anagem ent of t he dat abase connect ivit y for t he cont rols on t he page. The code achiev es t his t ask by com plem ent ing and ext ending t he ADO.NET obj ect s in t he syst em t r ay as well as by creat ing ADO.NET obj ect s. All t he code behind t he page r esides in t he Page_Load ev ent procedure, but t w o ot her event pr ocedur es play piv ot al roles in t he applicat ion, alt hough t hey cont ain no code. The But t on1_Click ev ent procedure is a back up procedur e for sending t he Web page t o a Web serv er. The pr im ary vehicle for sending t he Web page t o a Web serv er aft er t he user m akes a select ion fr om t he list box is t he List Box1_Select edI ndex Changed procedure. Recall t hat I set t he Aut oPost Back propert y for t he list box t o Tr ue at design t im e. Ther efor e, t he page goes t o t he serv er aft er each select ion fr om t he list box, pr ov ided t he user s br owser enables t he Act iv e Script ing feat ur e. I f t his feat ure is t ur ned off ( or not available because a browser doesn t support it ) , a user can st ill send t he page t o t he Web serv er by click ing t he but t on. Neit her procedure has any code w it hin it . The only funct ion of t he procedures is t o send t he page t o t he Web ser ver. The Page_Load ev ent procedure is t r iggered t he first t im e a user opens WebForm 1.aspx in t he List ToGr id proj ect . The Page_Load event procedur e also fires on each subsequent visit t o t he Web serv er no m at t er w hich of t he ot her t wo ev ent procedures init iat es t he v isit . The code inside t he Page_Load event procedur e includes an I f Then st at em ent t hat execut es one block of code dur ing only t he first v isit t o t he Web ser ver w it hin a session t hat is, w hen Not ( Me.I sPost Back) is Tr ue as well as anot her code block t hat fir es on each subsequent page visit . The code block t hat ex ecut es only w hen Not ( Me.I sPost Back) is True populat es t he List Box cont rol w it h t wo colum ns from t he Cat egor ies t able. This block begins by declaring and inst ant iat ing t he SqlCom m and1 obj ect and assigning t o a Com m andText propert y set t ing a SQL quer y t hat ret urns all t he colum ns fr om all t he r ows in t he Cat egor ies t able. The use of t he Ex ecut eReader m et hod in an assignm ent st at em ent designat es t he Cat egory t able as t he Dat aSource propert y
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The sidebars sprinkled throughout these chapters provide ancillary information on the topic being discussed. Go to sidebars to learn more about the technology or a feature.
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The following procedure enables key archival at an enterprise CA: 1. Log on at the enterprise CA as a user assigned the Manage CA permissions (known as a CA Admin). 2. On the Start menu, click Administrative Tools and click Certification Authority. 3. In the console tree, right-click the CA name and click Properties. 4. In the CA name Properties dialog box, click the Recovery Agents tab. (See Figure 14-2.)
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Issuer: PolicyCA Subject: IssuingCA
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Note that the two culture properties might or might not have the same value. For example, you can switch the language of text and messages according to the browser s configuration while leaving globalization settings (such as dates and currency) constant. Note Culture names are a combination of two pieces of information: the language and the
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Figure 17-2 Deadlock.
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It is often useful to create your own knowledge base. This knowledge base can be as simple as a directory that contains documents and notes or as sophisticated as a knowledge base that is completely searchable and modifiable. You can use products such as Microsoft SharePoint or a bulletin board product. By using a bulletin board or notes board, you can insert information entries and then add to those entries as appropriate. Note
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16. Display the Trust Center page.
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5 Creating a Cube
Your screen looks like this:
Declare a read/write property for a structure or class
Select License
The column name returned to the caller is cust_id, not IDENTITYCOL, in both cases. When inserting rows, you must omit an identity column from the column list and VALUES section. (The only exception is when the IDENTITY_INSERT option is on.) If you do supply a column list, you must omit the column for which the value will be supplied automatically. Here are two valid INSERT statements for the customer table shown previously:
Another advantage with SCSI is that when using a disk controller with multiple channels, each channel provides the above throughput because each channel is completely independent and all channels run in parallel. Note that each channel counts as a device. Hence, a four-channel disk controller will provide up to four times the throughput and four times the number of devices as a single channel. With a four-channel Ultra320 controller, for example, you can connect up to 16 devices per channel. This gives you a total 64 devices, minus four devices for the four channels, leaving 60 other devices available. Note
5. In the Start Date box, type 1/2/12, or click the down arrow to display the calendar
9 Quick Reference
You have seen blocks before; the body of a method (the bit that does the work) is a block. In C# terms, a block is a number of statements that are enclosed in curly braces. The code shown here performs both statements if the condition is true because they are in a block controlled by the condition. The Great Programmer Speaks: Blocks Rock Our Great Programmer tends to use b ocks after if cond t ons even when she doesn t actua y need to She says that t makes the program text c earer, and that t s much eas er to add extra statements ater f you need to If you put the preceding statements into the Update method of one of your earlier Mood Light programs, you get compiler warning messages because the new version of Update doesn t use all the variables that were created for previous versions of the program. To get
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