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Instantiate the class, and then call the method. In Visual Basic Dim aBook As New Book() Dim onePage As String onePage = aBook.GetPage(4) In Visual C# Book aBook = new Book(); string onePage = aBook.GetPage(4)
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Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Administration
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In Application_Start, you invoke a helper method inside of which new routes are created and added to a static route collection object. Here s a sample global.asax class:
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The AutoPostBackForm.aspx page
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The Relational Engine
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Win32 Applications
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Compound Selectors
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If String.Compare(s1, 1, s2, 1, 4) = 0 Then Console.Write( Equal )
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The ScriptTimeout property is explicitly and automatically set in the constructor of the dynamically created class that represents the page.
Use an appropriate RAID solution. The tempdb system database is typically writeintensive and can be heavily utilized. Consequently, RAID-5 and RAID-6 are not the best choices because they generally perform poorly compared to other RAID configurations. RAID-10 or RAID-0 are more appropriate. Remember, though, that RAID-0 does not provide any redundancy. Use the local disk subsystem. If you are using a SAN solution, you must decide whether the tempdb system database is stored on the local storage or the SAN solution. If your tempdb system database is heavily utilized, your SQL Server solution generates a lot of traffic between the server and the SAN. Therefore, it is recommended to store the tempdb system database locally.
TO BUILD A WINDOWS APPLICATION 1 the New Project dialog box. Open it again by
URL Rewriting
1. False. A network can be made using radio, fiberoptic, or wires, but probably not wet string. The actual medium of the connection is not really the most important thing these days, though; it is the protocol that runs on top that makes it useful.
application isn t able to store its data in a configurable location, the application data won t be available on failover.
Creating and Saving Files
ECML Maximum
Yet there are limits to the utility of upgrading servers from previous operating systems. Repeated upgrading of servers from Windows NT 4 to Windows 2000 to Windows Server 2003 can result in the server providing less than optimal performance. Where server performance is important, a new installation will deliver better overall service performance, providing an advantage to migrating instead of upgrading.
programmers called the System.Diagnostics namespace. By including an Internet address or URL along with the Start method, I m letting Visual Basic know that I want to view a Web site, and Visual Basic is clever enough to know that the default system browser is the tool that would best display that URL, even though we didn t identify the browser by name. An exciting feature of the Process.Start method is that it can be used to run other Windows applications, too. If I did want to identify a particular browser by name to open the URL, I could have specified one using the following syntax. (Here I ll request the Internet Explorer browser.)
Part V
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