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\W means any nonalphanumeric character."
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The design area currently contains four report items. There is a textbox at the top that you can use to include a title for the report. Below the textbox is an empty table data region. At the bottom of the report is a textbox that will display the number of rows in the report and another textbox to display the current filter criteria. These report items will be explained in more detail later in this chapter. 7. On the Help menu, click Report Builder Help. These help files provide detailed information on how to use Report Builder. There are also tutorials to give you more practice with various features of Report Builder. This information is not included in SQL Server Books Online. 8. Close the Help window.
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To change regional settings such as date format, number format, time zone, and locale for an existing site, proceed as follows.
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Just as you can include hot fixes and security updates in the installation, you can also include updated drivers for Plug and Play devices. You might wonder why you would do this. Even though Windows Server 2003 includes thousands of drivers, computer hardware changes over time and the drivers included with the Windows operating system might not be the ones you need.
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Expected Result
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1. Start Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 if it is not already running. 2. If you are using Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition or Enterprise Edition, on the File menu, point to New, and then click Web Site. 3. If you are using Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2008 Express Edition, on the File menu, click New Web Site.
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3. Click Next.
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Menu Designer
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Notice the default system role assignment of the local system administrators group, BUILTIN\Administrators, as System Administrator. You ll always need at least one System Administrator role assignment. 4. Click New Role Assignment on the Report Manager toolbar. The New System Role Assignment page is displayed:
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a nonnegative random integer in the range 0 to Int32.MaxValue by default. The Next method is overloaded, and other versions enable you to specify the minimum value and maximum value of the range. The default constructor for the Random class seeds the random number generator with a time-dependent seed value, which reduces the possibility of the class duplicating a sequence of random numbers. An overloaded version of the constructor enables you to provide your own seed value. That way you can generate a repeatable sequence of random numbers for testing purposes.
This book uses special text and design conventions to make it easier for you to find the information you need.
Open the file, create it if not there.
Part VI: Administering SharePoint Services
When troubleshooting a problem, especially one that involves downtime and loss of service, you should be careful not to become too fatigued. When too much time is spent on a problem without a break, you can begin to make mistakes. Sometimes, the mistakes can be worse than the original problem. Even when there is significant pressure to quickly fix an out-of-service system, it is important not to make things worse. If you need a break, take it. Falling asleep at the keyboard does not help anything. Get some rest or a bit of fresh air to help clear your head.
Maintaining the Registry
The argument must be the same type as the value you re applying the CompareTo method to, so you must convert it if necessary. You can use a conversion function,
The Selection property of the HTMLDocument class returns a TextRange DHTML object that describes the text currently selected in the browser. Here s the code that lets you retrieve the selection:
Msg 8980, Level 16, State 1, Line 1 Table error: Object ID 421576540, index ID 8. Index node page (1:90702), slot 17 refers to child page (3:10183) and previous child (3:10182), but they were not encountered.
Figure 34-1.
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