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Content Management Using XNA
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Array.Copy(intArr, 5, intArr2, 15, 5)
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Page Composition and Usability
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Tip In the Visual Studio 2008 Code and Text Editor window, keywords are colored blue when you
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The end-of-cell marker moves to the exact center of the merged cell to indicate that anything you type there will be centered both horizontally and vertically.
The advantage of RAID-5 is that the space available in this RAID level is equal to n 1, where n is the number of disk drives in the array. Thus, a RAID-5 array made up of 10 disk drives will have the space of 9 disks, making RAID-5 an economical, fault-tolerant choice. Unfortunately, there are performance penalties associated with RAID-5. Maintaining the parity information requires additional overhead. When data is written to a RAID-5 array, both the target disk stripe and the parity stripe must be read, the parity must be calculated, and then both stripes must be written out. A RAID-5 write actually incurs four physical I/O operations (two reads and two writes) for each write to the array. This is important to sizing, where you must design enough disk drives that you do not exceed 125 I/Os per second per disk drive. This has been mentioned in this chapter, and will be covered in more detail in 6, Capacity Planning. Specifics are provided in a few paragraphs. Avg. reads per disk per second = reads to the array per second / number of drives in the array Avg. writes per disk per second = writes to the array per second * 4 (RAID overhead) / number of drives in the array RAID-5 Parity In RAID-5, a parity bit is created on the data in each stripe on all of the disk drives. A parity bit is an additional piece of data that, when created on a set of bits, determines what the other bits are. This parity bit is created by adding up all of the other bits and determining which value the parity bit must contain to create either an even or odd number.
Maintaining duplicate hardware (such as spare motherboards or spare computers); Performing binary backups with software (such as Symantec Ghost) to rebuild the CA in a timely manner on similar hardware; or Implementing fault-tolerant RAID 1 or RAID 5 volumes to prevent CA failure due to a single disk failure.
Only the internal workload group and resource pool exist. Resource Governor con guration metadata are not loaded into memory. Your classi er function is never executed automatically. The Resource Governor metadata is visible and can be manipulated.
Public Overloads Function ExecuteReader() As IDataReader * ExecuteReader should retrieve results from the data source * using a valid and open connection, * and return a DataReader that allows the user to process * the results. If m_connection Is Nothing OrElse m_connection.State <> System.Data.ConnectionState.Open Then Throw New InvalidOperationException( Connection must be valid and open. ) End If Execute the command. Dim reader As New XMLDataReader(Me, m_connection) This method instantiates a data reader object by passing the current connection and command objects Return reader End Function ExecuteReader
objMSCSProfile.Update Set objMSCSProfile = Nothing PutUserObject = True
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