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To Do this Test features of Reporting Services before making Use the Evaluation edition in a single or multiple server a purchasing decision deployment. Use Reporting Services in a single server deployment Use Reporting Services in a multiple server deployment Prepare a server for installation of Report Server or Report Manager Use Standard edition for production and Developer edition for development and testing. Use Enterprise edition for production and Developer edition for development and testing. Install IIS 5.0 or later on each server that will host either of these Reporting Services components. Additionally, install .NET Framework 2.0 or later and MDAC 2.6 or later. Enable the Distributed Transaction Coordinator service prior to running Setup. Enable the IWAM_computername account. Map the Default Web Site to (All Unassigned). Optionally, install an SSL certificate and associate the certificate with the Default Web Site. Install SMTP on the Web Server, or have the name of a SMTP or POP3 (Post Office Protocol version 3) server available on your network. Use the Local System account or a local system administration account that is a domain user (or LocalService or NetworkService for the service account, if running Windows Server 2003) to start the ReportServer Windows service. Use a service account, domain account, or SQL Server login for Report Server to use to connect to the Reporting Services databases. Double-click Setup.exe, found on the installation CD, to launch the setup wizard. or Run the setup command-line executable. Specify options using command-line arguments or a template file.
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However, there s not much you can do to add styles and scripts in a content page unless the master page provides for specific placeholders. You can add styles and scripts to a placeholder if the placeholder s position in the layout allows you to include them. Most of the time, you create a placeholder within the <head> section and perhaps another at the bottom of the page to allow for styles and scripts. The default master you get in sample Visual Studio 2010 projects has the following:
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Part I The ASP.NET Runtime Environment
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to build a string inside a StringBuilder object is by means of its Append method, which takes an argument of any type and appends it to the current internal string:
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Repartitioning Tables qr code reader
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A more concise way to retrieve the FirstName value Me.FirstName = info.GetString( FirstValue )
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using System.Web.UI.HtmlControls;
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Part VI: Administering SharePoint Services
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Dim rgb As RGBColor
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In this specific example, the Item property is marked ReadOnly because a client isn t supposed to change individual lines once the collection has been initialized. But don t confuse this ReadOnly attribute with the fact that the collection inherits from ReadOn lyCollectionBase. When applied to a collection, read-only means that the collection has a fixed size, not that individual elements aren t writable.
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Dim pa As New GraphicsPath()
Network Prefix
Planning for Windows Server 2003
Part V
ASP.NET Security and Configuration
Always set Orientation before Size property.
Gets an array of strings containing all the keys of the items currently stored in the object. Gets the current instance of the object. But wait! What this property returns is simply a reference to the application state object, not a clone. It s provided for ASP compatibility. Gets the number of objects currently stored in the collection. Indexer property, provides read/write access to an element in the collection. The element can be specified either by name or index. Accessors of this property are implemented using Get and Set methods. Gets a collection including all instances of all objects declared in global.asax using an <object> tag with the scope attribute set to Application.
Troubleshoot Policy Settings
2. The Existing Components page, shown in Figure 8-23, appears. On this page, you can select the check boxes next to the components you want to upgrade (the list of components is based on the SQL Server instances and versions installed on your system and, therefore, may be different than what is shown in Figure 8-23). You can also view the details of the listed components by clicking on the Details button in the lower-right corner. Click Next to continue with the upgrade.
Interacting with Cubes
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