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Enum Gender NotSpecified Male Female End Enum Class Person3 (In a real-world class, these would be properties.) Public FirstName As String Public LastName As String Public Gender As Gender = Gender.NotSpecified ...(other members omitted for brevity) ... Dim m_Title As String Overridable Property Title() As String Get Return m_Title End Get Set(ByVal Value As String) m_Title = Value End Set End Property Prefix the name with a Function TitledName() As If Title <> Then Return Title & Else Return FirstName End If title if one has been specified. String & FirstName & & LastName & & LastName
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Part 1: Part Title
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By default, the publisher s policy is enabled for all assemblies. You can disable it for a specific assembly by using a <publisherPolicy> tag inside a <dependentAssembly>
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Depending on the value returned by the formula, Project will display one of these three graphical indicators in the Overbudget column.
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DNS, a load-sharing router, or some other solution to distribute requests across the available servers.
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ECML Maximum
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access technology new in Microsoft SQL Server 2005; a stand-alone data access application programming interface that combines the SQL OLE DB provider and the ODBC driver into one native dynamiclink library (SQLNCLI.DLL).
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Note If you want to view the actual modifications made to the schema in detail, you can look at the schema update LDIF files in the \i386 folder of the Windows Server 2003, Enterprise Edition, compact disc. The files are named SCH##.ldf, where ## is a number between 14 and 30, representing the modifications made in each revision.
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The default version 2 certificate template implements all recommended settings for EFS key recovery. The only required modification for the Key Recovery Agent certificate template is to assign Read and Enroll permissions to a custom universal or global group. In addition, Read and Enroll permissions should be removed from the Administrators, ForestRootDomain\Domain Admins and ForestRootDomain \Enterprise Admins groups.
Note Each dimension has one and only one attribute with the value of the Usage property set to Key . If you have a parent-child dimension, one and only one attribute has the value of the Usage property set to Parent . All other attributes have the value of the Usage property set to Regular . When you explored the data in the DimEmployee table, you saw that the Employee column contained the employees first and last names . You want to have the names sorted by last name and then by first name, the way the employee names are stored in the EmployeeSort column .
In the highly available mode, a full quorum is defined as the principal, mirror, and witness being available and communicating with each other. Figure 27-16 explains the recovery path depending on which server or servers are up and available. If the principal is lost and the witness and mirror are available, then failover is automatic.
Real World
Part IV:
1 The first line sets the escape code for the separator page:
Creating a Task List
CreateLabelCell and CreateValueCell add cells to the table row. Here is their implementation:
The problem with this approach is that the resultset can grow quite large, which in turn takes a lot of bandwidth and a lot of memory on the client. In some cases you can reduce these problems by reading the BLOB fields only if strictly required. For exam; ple, you might omit them in the SELECT query and retrieve them one by one by means of an ExecuteScalar method:
EnsureChildControls(); SPList splCurList = spwCurr.Lists[ddlLists.SelectedItem.Text];
4 To download a list definition, click its name in the Name column. This starts the usual file download dialog box. The result will be a list definition file with an .stp filename extension. An authorized member of another top-level site could add the template to that site s collection by following the instructions in the next step.
Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Administration
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