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Rem oving t he login is a t wo- st ep pr ocess because t he login has a single user secur it y account associat ed w it h it . First r em ov e t he user account for t he Chapt er07 dat abase. The syst em st or ed procedur e for elim inat ing a user secur it y account based on a login for a Windows user account is t he sam e as for delet ing a user account based on a SQL Serv er login. Second r ev ok e t he login. When dropping a login, y ou use a differ ent sy st em st ored procedure for one based on a Windows user account t han for one creat ed by SQL Ser ver. Here is t he T- SQL code for im plem ent ing t he st eps. --Drop a Windows login with sp_revokelogin, --but first revoke its user accounts. USE 07 EXEC sp_revokedbaccess CCS1\winvbdotnet1 EXEC sp_revokelogin CCS1\winvbdotnet1
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In this procedure, you will browse the AdventureWorks cube using the SSMS cube browser . This browser is identical to the BIDS cube browser .
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51. private void listOfBooks_SelectedIndexChanged( 52. object sender, System.EventArgs e) { 53. 54. 55. 56. 57. 58. string title = listOfBooks.SelectedItem.ToString(); Book theBook = m_library.CheckOut(title); theBook.PageLength = (int)pageLength.Value; titleLabel.Text = theBook.Title; page.Text = theBook.GetPage((int)pageToDisplay.Value); m_library.CheckIn(theBook);
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One of the most valuable bene ts of indexed views is that your queries don t have to reference a view directly to use the index on the view. Consider the Vdiscount1 indexed view. Suppose that you issue the following SELECT statement:
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2 Standard Items. You ll get a familiar Windows application menu strip and its menu choices with their
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More Info See the SQL Server Books Online topic NUMA Support in SQL Server for a description of the NUMA architecture and how SQL Server is designed to take advantage of NUMA hardware with no database or application changes necessary.
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Open the chap01\musictrivia folder, and then double-click the MusicTriva project file (MusicTrivia.vbproj). Visual Studio loads the MusicTrivia form, properties, and program code for the MusicTrivia project. The Start Page probably will still be visible, but Solution Explorer in the upper right corner of the screen will list some of the files in the project.
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The Button control implements the standard submit button, with a few additional capa bilities. You can place multiple buttons on the form, each one with a different CommandName property (for example, Edit, Sort, GroupBy) and possibly a different CommandArgument property as well (for example, Ascending or Descending to specify the direction of the sort operation). These properties are especially useful when the button is used inside a template control such as DataList, but they simplify programming even when the button is placed directly on the form s surface. You can trap clicks on a Button control by means of either its Click or Command event. A click fires both events in all cases, but the latter event lets you access the values of the CommandName or CommandArgument properties to determine the action that the user requested:
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B2CRef_Queued_Email) should be visible. Click the plus sign (+) sign next to it. 5. A node with the name Components should be visible. Click the plus sign (+) next to it. 6. A node with the name QueuedEmailer.CMailer should be visible. Right-click this node, and then click Properties. 7. In the Properties dialog box, click the Activation tab. The entry in the text box named Constructor String needs to be changed in the following way: Between the XML tags <SMTPServer> and </SMTPServer>, enter the name of your SMTP e-mail server (ask your network administrator if you don t know the name). You also need to enter the SMTP user name and password between the respective XML tags.
To successfully master the objectives covered by this chapter, complete the following tasks:
A primary XML index is stored as an internal table with a clustered index. A secondary XML index is stored as a nonclustered index on the primary XML index internal table. The consistency
Delivering Reports Managing Content 1
Storing Data in Computer Memory
You can try to resolve resource conflicts in several different ways. Some devices use jumpers to manage resource settings, and in this case, the operating system cannot control the resource settings. To make changes, you must shut down the computer, remove the device, change the jumper settings, and then replace the device. In some cases, the jumpers are managed through software rather than an actual jumper switch. Here, you would use the device setup or configuration utility to change the resource settings. For PCI devices, you can try swapping the cards between PCI slots. This will help if the IRQ or other resource settings are assigned on a per-slot basis, as is the case with some motherboards. You might be able to check the motherboard documentation to see which IRQ interrupts are assigned to which slots. In any case, you ll need to experiment to see which card configuration works. For PCI devices, a conflict could also be caused by the device driver and the way it works with the ACPI BIOS. You should check to see whether an updated device driver and a BIOS update are available. Installing one or both should resolve the conflict.
See the section entitled Viewing the Print Processor and Default Data Type earlier in this chapter.
The PAGTotal pipeline includes the following stages: G The Shipment Splitter stage prepares a shipping dictionary. This stage contains two components: G Commerce.Splitter The splitter component generates a dictionary of shipments (shipments) that is placed on the OrderForm. This dictionary contains the individual shipments that are created based upon the shipping_address_id and shipping_method_id values in the order. G Commerce.ShippingMethodRouter The ShippingMethodRouter component reads the ShippingManagerCache by using the CacheManager object to map shipping methods to particular shipping components. The component steps through the list of shipping methods and, if there are shipments using a given method, it collects the dictionaries for those shipments, passes the shipments to the shipping component, and then runs the relevant shipping component. The individual shipping components calculate the total shipping charges for the shipments passed to it. After all of the shipments are processed, the total of all of the shipping charges is calculated.
The Team Planner view includes four sections: assigned but unscheduled tasks... ...assigned and scheduled tasks
The HTML format of a report that you view in Report Manager supports many interactive features. Parameters, dynamic visibility, and actions all provide ways for users to explore data while online, but these features must be explicitly designed into the report in advance. A more versatile interactive format, HTML with Office Web Components, leverages the PivotTable component in an online environment to provide features that are commonly used for data analysis. For example, using this format, you can sort and filter data, add your own calculations, and export the PivotTable to Excel. However, only the matrix data region is rendered as a PivotTable component. All other data regions are rendered as static text or images. If a matrix is nested inside a list, the repeating matrices in the HTML report are rendered as repeating PivotTable components in the exported format.
ServiceOrientation file. PowerPoint converts the outline into 12 slides.
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