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Because hosts on an organization s private network shouldn t be directly connected to the Internet, they should be indirectly connected using Network Address Translation (NAT) or a gateway program such as a proxy. When NAT is configured on the organization s network, a device, such as a router, is responsible for translating private addresses to public addresses, allowing nodes on the internal network to communicate with the nodes on the public Internet. When proxies are configured on the organization s network, the proxy acts as the go-between. It receives requests from nodes on the internal network and sends the requests to the public Internet. When the response is returned, the proxy sends the response to the node that made the original request. In both cases, the device providing NAT or proxy services has private addresses on its internal network interface and public addresses on its Internet interface.
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Note The Math class contains methods for performing mathematical calculations and elds
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Customize Home Page download
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Scope([Measures].Members); Descendants([Employee].[Employees].&[294])=NULL; End Scope;
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The Web Server Certificate Wizard is launched from the Internet Services Manager console in Windows 2000 and the Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager console in Windows Server 2003. The following process generates a Web Server certificate request file: 1. From the Start menu, point to Programs, point to Administrative Tools, and click Internet Services Manger if you are using Windows 2000 or Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager if you are using Windows Server 2003. 2. In the console tree, expand ServerName and click Default Web Site. 3. Right-click Default Web Site and click Properties. 4. In the Default Web Site Properties dialog box, click the Directory Security tab. 5. On the Directory Security tab, in the Secure Communications section, click Server Certificate. 6. In the Web Server Certificate Wizard, click Next. 7. On the Server Certificate page, click Create a New Certificate and click Next. 8. On the Delayed or Immediate Request page, click Prepare the Request Now, But Send It Later and click Next.
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6. In the Properties window, change the following properties of RichTextBox1 to the values indicated in this table:
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Click Finish . You have just created an Office Data Connection file (ODC) . By default, these files are stored in a user s Documents\My Data Sources folder . 8. The Import Data dialog box appears, enabling you to create a PivotTable report or PivotTable and PivotChart dynamic views that are linked so that changes made in a
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Figure 7-11 A wave bank with sound files in it
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The appliesTo attribute in the <assemblyBinding> tag has been introduced in .NET Framework 1.1 and specifies that all the redirection tags in that block apply only when the application is running under the specified version of the runtime (1.0.3705 in the previous example). The .NET Framework version 1.0 ignores this attribute and will use the first <assemblyBinding> block that appears in the configuration file. Thanks to the appliesTo attribute, however, this block will be ignored if the application runs under version 1.1 of the .NET Framework. Notice that you need additional
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You can view current locks held by selecting from the system view sys.dm_tran_locks. (The sp_lock procedure used to view locks in previous versions of SQL Server is supported for backward compatibility only.) To show an example of locking, run the following T-SQL that creates a test table and inserts two rows for our test:
TABLE 12-2
Used to control many of the key features of the Windows operating system, including application performance, user profiles, startup and recovery, environment variables, and error reporting. User profiles are discussed in 37, and application performance is discussed in 15. Used to manage the Automatic Updates configuration on the server. When enabled, the Automatic Updates service compares programs, operating system components, and drivers installed on a system to a master list of items and determines whether updates should be installed. Used to control Remote Assistance invitations and Remote Desktop connections. Remote Assistance invitations are primarily used with workstations and not servers. Remote Desktop is discussed in 30, Using Remote Desktop for Administation.
Part V
Frame State Frame Style
9. Click the File tab, and then click Options.
The Problem Solving Attitude
Notice that the records in this table define subscription options for each Sales Director. You will use this table to apply these options to a data-driven subscription that customizes the delivery of reports to each territory group director. Two of the directors will have the report included in the e-mail message, while one will have a link to the report. Each director will receive a different rendered format, and each will see different data in the report because a different parameter is used to filter the data for each director.
Figure 19-6. The input field titled Text is a SharePoint custom property. Windows SharePoint Services does most of the work in displaying and saving such values.
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