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10: Pop Quiz Answers
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Deploying Certificates
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7. In the Gradient stops area, drag the middle handle on the slider (Stop 2 of 3) to
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The I in ACID stands for isolation. Isolation means that the effects of each transaction are the same as if the transaction was the only one in the system; in other words, modifications made by a concurrent transaction must be isolated from the modifications made by any other concurrent transaction. In this way, a transaction will not be affected by a value that has been changed by another transaction until the change is committed. A transaction either recognizes data in the state it was in before another concurrent transaction modified the data, or it recognizes the data after the second transaction has completed; however, it does not recognize the data in an intermediate state. This is referred to as serializable isolation because it results in the ability to have a common starting set of data reloaded and to replay a series of transactions to end up with the data in the same state no matter how many times it is performed. If a transaction fails, its modifications will have no effect because the changes will be rolled back. SQL Server enables you to adjust the isolation level of your transactions according to what is acceptable for business needs; serializable is not the only option. A transaction s isolation behavior depends on the isolation level you specify. Levels of isolation are covered in more detail in a later section.
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Display the Name and City fields for each record. Do While dr.Read() Dim res As String = String.Format( {0} {1}", _ dr.Item( Name ), dr.Item( City )) Debug.WriteLine(res) Loop
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Using the DataBinder class adds greater flexibility to your code and makes your code independent from the type of the bound data source. The GetPropertyValue method on the DataBinder class uses reflection to query the object to see whether it contains a public property with the specified name:
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and add sections and pages.
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15: Smart Card Deployment
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.N ET D a t a Pr ovide r Type s
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The performance tester does not always have easy access to either explicit or implied objectives, and therefore frequently must conduct a systematic search for them. The easiest way to determine and record performance-testing objectives is simply to ask each member of the project team what value you can add for him or her while you are performance testing at a particular point in the project, or immediately following the accomplishment of a particular milestone. While it is not always easy to find and schedule time with each member of the team especially when you consider that the project team includes executive stakeholders, analysts, and possibly even representative users team members are generally receptive to sharing information that will help you establish valuable performance-testing objectives. Such objectives might include providing resource utilization data under load, generating specific loads to assist with tuning an application server, or providing a report of the number of objects requested by each Web page. Although it is most valuable to collect performance-testing objectives early in the project life cycle, it is also important to periodically revisit these objectives, ask team members if they would like to see any new objectives added, and gain approval for changes or additions as necessary. Once you have determined the performance requirements, goals, and testing objectives, record them in a manner appropriate to your process. This often includes a formal document and entry into a requirements-management system.
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"Back" Office
Figure 37-14. Configure advanced folder redirection to define different redirection settings for different groups.
< xml version="1.0 encoding="utf-8 > <configuration> <system.runtime.remoting> <application name="applicationame > <channels> <!-- Define all the channels used by the application. --> <channel> </channel> </channels> <!-- Define all server objects exposed by this application. --> <service> </service> <!-- Define all client objects used by this application. --> <client> </client> <!-- Define the default lifetime for exposed MBR objects. --> <lifetime .... /> </application> <!-- Specify how much error information is returned to clients. --> <customErrors .... /> </system.runtime.remoting> </configuration>
Style Properties
Conventions and Features in This Book
To begin remote monitoring, start Performance Monitor, press Ctrl+E to start with a new counter set and clear out any existing counters, then press Ctrl+A to display the Add Counters dialog box. In the Add Counters dialog box, choose Select Counters From Computer, and then type the Universal Naming Code (UNC) name or Internet Protocol (IP) address of the computer you want to monitor remotely. A UNC computer name or IP address begins with two back slashes (\\). So, for instance, you could type \\CorpServer03 or \\ After you type the UNC computer name or IP address, press Tab or click the Performance Object list. When you do this, Performance Monitor will attempt to connect to the remote computer and retrieve a list of available performance objects to monitor. You can then choose performance objects and counters to track just as you would for a local computer.
Case Scenarios
Understanding the CommandBuilder Object
as needed. When the databases are created and security is configured, you can start the application.
Sub MyProc(ByVal arr(,) As Long, ByVal arr2(, ,) As String) End Sub
Protecting Internet Explorer and Other Applications
Internally, an enumeration associates an integer value with each element. By default, the numbering starts at 0 for the rst element and goes up in steps of 1. It s possible to retrieve the underlying integer value of an enumeration variable. To do this, you must cast it to its underlying type. Remember from the discussion of unboxing in 8 that casting a type converts the data from one type to another as long as the conversion is valid and meaningful. For example, the following code example will write out the value 2 and not the word Fall (Spring is 0, Summer 1, Fall 2, and Winter 3):
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