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Routing and Remote Access
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if (!IsCrossPagePostBack) { ... }
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CD-526 Part 5
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This is often done to create a cumulative total. You are not limited to these functions, however. In the Statistical folder on the Functions tab in the metadata pane, you can review the available functions that you can use to aggregate values for a set of members. In this procedure, you ll add a calculated member that computes an average of the product categories. Use the Avg function 1. In Visual Studio, click the Calculations tab of the SSAS Cube Designer. 2. Click the New Calculated Member button on the toolbar, and type [Product Category Average] in the Name box. 3. In the Parent Hierarchy drop-down list, expand Product, click Category, and then click OK. 4. Click the Change button to the right of the Parent Member box, Click All, and then click OK. Note
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Best Practices For production databases it is best to configure the database file sizes slightly larger than the maximum size you anticipate so that you do not trigger the auto-growth mechanism. Because the database engine needs to acquire a schema lock when the size of the database is extended to prevent transactions from progressing, it is best to treat the Autogrowth option as a worst-case insurance policy and not rely on it to do the appropriate file-sizing job for you.
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1 Display the picture library in your browser. 2 Select the check boxes for one or more pictures. 3 Click the Edit Pictures toolbar button.
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Standard Formats for Date and Time Values
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IgnorePatternWhitespace RightToLeft
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In the Group Policy Management console, you enforce policy inheritance by expand-
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A key aspect of planning any large-scale IT deployment of an operating system is determining the overall objectives for the deployment and the scope of users, computers, networks, and organization divisions that are affected. The fundamental question of scope is: What can you realistically expect to accomplish in the given time within existing project constraints, such as staffing and budget Some of the objectives that you identified in the early stages of the project are likely to change as constraints become more apparent and new needs and requirements emerge. To start with, you must identify who will be affected which organizational subdivisions, which personnel, and who will be doing what These are questions that map to the business goals that must be accomplished. You also must identify the systems that will be affected which WANs, local area networks (LANs), subnets, servers, and client systems In addition, you must determine the software that will be changed which server software, client software, and applications 46
2. The Start window appears, similar to what is shown in Figure 8-1. Select Run The SQL Native Client Installation Wizard. 3. The Welcome page of the wizard appears. Click Next to continue.
Setting the Process Account
Keep an eye on this Gantt bar as we apply a different Gantt Chart style to the project plan.
You should see only the following Sales Representatives for Europe: Amy Alberts, Jos Saraiva, Rachel Valdez, and Ranjit Varkey Chudukatil. Close Internet Explorer. Click Start, point to All Programs, right-click Internet Explorer, and then click Run As. Click The Following User, and then type NADirector as the user and NADirector as the password. Open Report Manager at http://localhost/Reports. Click the Adventure Works Samples folder link. Neither the Actual Vs Quota nor the Actual Vs Quota Europe is available to the NADirector since the item-level security doesn t include a role assignment for this user. Close Internet Explorer.
You can also view information about processes that are running on your SQL Server instance by using a number of stored procedures that have always been available with SQL Server:
You can also send a remote assistance invitation to someone via Windows Messenger or e-mail. 4. Click the name of the person you are going to invite to help you; or type his or her email address in the Type an e-mail address box, and then click Invite this person. If you used Windows Messenger, skip to step 11. 5. When the remote assistance invitation opens, type an explanatory message in the Message box, and then click Continue. You are prompted to specify the duration of your invitation. 6. Accept the default of 01 Hours. 7. If you want to use a password, enter the password in the Type password and Confirm password boxes, and then relay that password to your Remote Assistance buddy. 8. When you are ready to send the invitation, click Send Invitation. Your invitation is sent via Windows Messenger or via your default e-mail program. You will be notified that a program is attempting to send a message in your name. 9. Click Send. When your invitation has been sent, you will see a confirmation. 10. Click View invitation status to view your invitation, which looks something like this:
.NET Languages and Tools
Compute Sequence is known as a Sequence Project in the Query Optimizer, and this operator is somewhat similar to a Compute Scalar in that it computes a new value to be added into the output stream. The key difference is that this works on an ordered stream and contains state that is preserved from row to row. Ranking functions use this operator, for example. This is implemented using a different physical operation and it imposes additional restrictions on how the Query Optimizer can reorder this expression. This operator is usually seen in the ranking and windowing functions.
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