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1 Display the Portal Site Map page shown previously in Figure 2-10. 2 Pass the mouse pointer over the relevant area name. When the name changes to a drop-down list, select Edit. 3 Click the Search tab and then, under Topic Assistant, set Include In Topic Assistant: to Yes. 4 Click OK.
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Part 4
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Abbrev. Title
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Part I Getting Started
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Use t he Com m andText propert y t o designat e t he source for a SqlXm lCom m and obj ect . For exam ple, a Com m andType set t ing of SqlXm lCom m andType.Tem plat eFile enables you t o use t he Com m andText propert y t o point t o t he pat h and filenam e for t he t em plat e file. I n Visual Basic .NET applicat ions, you don t hav e t he sam e need t o shield t he t ext for a query st at em ent as w it h Web applicat ions and I I S virt ual dir ect or ies; t his is because users run Visual Basic .NET solut ions from com piled .exe files. You will t ypically use eit her SQL or XPat h synt ax t o specify t he Com m andText pr opert y wit h a m at ching Com m andType pr opert y set t ing. Select ed ot her SqlXm lCom m and pr opert ies appear in t he sam ples t hroughout t his chapt er . When y our result set doesn t include a single t op- lev el or r oot elem ent , you can designat e one wit h t he Root Tag pr oper t y. I f you use an XPat h query , y ou can specify t he pat h for t he m apping schem a file associat ed wit h a quer y t hrough t he SqlXm lCom m and obj ect s Schem aPat h propert y . A m apping schem a can denot e wit h special annot at ions corr espondences bet w een t he elem ent s and at t ribut es of a schem a r epr esent ing an XML docum ent and a SQL Serv er dat a source. The XslPat h pr opert y enables you t o designat e t he filenam e and pat h for a file t hat t ransform s t he raw XML out put specified by a Com m andText propert y int o anot her form at , such as an HTML t able. See t he SqlXm lCom m and Obj ect t opic in t he Web Release 3 docum ent at ion for sum m ar ies of a few SqlXm lCom m and proper t ies t hat t his chapt er doesn t cover. SqlX m lPa ra m e t e r Cla ss SqlXm lCom m and obj ect s can hav e hierarchically dependent par am et er s represent ed by SqlXm lParam et er obj ect s. Use t he Cr eat ePar am et er m et hod for a SqlXm lCom m and obj ect t o inst ant iat e a param et er obj ect . Aft er it s inst ant iat ion, you can assign v alues t o t he param et er s Nam e and Value pr opert ies. The Nam e propert y gives y ou a conv enient handle for referencing t he param et er obj ect , and t he Value propert y enables you t o assign a value t o a param et er at r un t im e.
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Sysprep doesn t support image-based deployment of Active Directory dependent
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You should always define a column explicitly as NULL or NOT NULL. NOT NULL is the SQL Server default, but the server defaults can be changed and different environments may have different values. It is recommended to use NOT NULL where possible or create a DEFAULT instead of allowing a null value.
Update Locks
Realm, which is a transitive or nontransitive trust that can be established as one way or two way between a non-Windows Kerberos realm and a Windows Server 2003 domain Shortcut, which is a one-way or two-way transitive trust used to speed up authentication and resource access between domain trees
Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services Inside Out The Versions page displays each version of a document that s present in the current library. To work with these versions, move the mouse pointer over any version date, open the resulting drop-down list, and choose one of these commands.
values other than OFFLINE, ONLINE, and EMERGENCY, but those values are not directly settable using ALTER DATABASE. A database can have the status value RESTORING while it is in the process of being restored from a backup. It can have the status value RECOVERING during a restart of SQL Server. The recovery process is performed on one database at a time, and until SQL Server has nished recovering a database, the database has a status of RECOVERING. If the recovery process cannot be completed for some reason (most likely because one or more of the log les for the database is unavailable or unreadable), SQL Server gives the database the status of RECOVERY_PENDING. Your databases can also be put into RECOVERY_PENDING mode if SQL Server runs out of either log or data space during rollback recovery, or if SQL Server runs out of locks or memory during any part of the startup process. I ll go into more detail about the difference between rollback recovery and startup recovery in 4. If all the needed resources, including the log les, are available, but corruption is detected during recovery, the database may be put in the SUSPECT state. You can determine the state value by looking at the state_desc column in the sys.databases view. A database is completely unavailable if it s in the SUSPECT state, and you will not even see the database listed if you run sp_helpdb. However, you can still see the status of a suspect database in the sys.databases view. In many cases, you can make a suspect database available for read-only operations by setting its status to EMERGENCY mode. If you really have lost one or more of the log les for a database, EMERGENCY mode allows you to access the data while you copy it to a new location. When you move from RECOVERY_ PENDING to EMERGENCY, SQL Server shuts down the database and then restarts it with a special ag that allows it to skip the recovery process. Skipping recovery can mean you have logically or physically inconsistent data missing index rows, broken page links, or incorrect metadata pointers. By speci cally putting your database in EMERGENCY mode, you are acknowledging that the data might be inconsistent but that you want access to it anyway.
Implementing basic constraints
As you learned in the previous procedure, a table header is displayed only on the first page that contains the table. If you want to repeat the table header on every page, you can edit the RepeatOnNewPage property for the row. The table header will then be repeated, but only on the pages that include the table.
Forest 1 Two-way transitive trust One-way external trust Nontransitive A One-way shortcut trust O H L Forest 2
Practice Files Before you can complete the exercises in this chapter, you need to copy the book s practice files to your computer. A complete list of practice files is provided in Using the Practice Files at the beginning of this book. For each exercise that has a practice file, simply browse to where you saved the book s practice file folder. Important If you are running Project Professional, you may need to make a one-time setting change. This helps ensure that the practice files you work with in this chapter do not affect your Project Server data. For more information, see Appendix C, Using the Practice Files if Connected to Project Server.
Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Administration
template edit mode and add the child DataGrid in the ItemTemplate section. (See Figure 25-18.) Name this child DataGrid as grdTitles and bind it to the dvTitles DataView object.
Significantly, these files reside on each team member s computer. This means that the same Web page could display completely different data for each team member. PivotView Web Parts participate in many kinds of Web Part connections, including Chart Data From, Chart Data To, Filter Data With, Get Data From, Provide Data To, and Provide Row To. To save any results you obtain using this Web Part, display the Web Part toolbar and click the Export To Microsoft Office Excel button.
If you decide to install the server components on separate Web servers, you will need to first install the ReportServer database independently to a SQL Server instance. You also need to install the ReportServer database first if you re using the Standard Edition and separating the server components from the database components. After the ReportServer database is in place, you can install any of the other components in any order. You will then need to specify the SQL Server instance hosting the ReportServer database during installation of the server components.
As mentioned, you can also concatenate two or more selectors to form a more specific one.
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