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class Clock { ... public Clock(TextBox displayBox) { this.display = displayBox; } ...
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Compared to other SQL Server 2005 components, Reporting Services has changed the least because it was added to the SQL Server 2000 platform in 2004. On the surface, nothing looks much different. The architecture and the functionality remains the same, but there are several important changes to the product that affect report developers, Report Server administrators, and the user community. In this section, we ll look at a few of the more significant enhancements. You can find more in-depth information in the SQL Server 2005 Books Online topic, Reporting Services Enhancements.
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4. On the Network Connection page, click Virtual Private Network connection, and then click Next. The Connection Name page opens:
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To enable or disable profile support, you set the enabled attribute of the <profile> element in the web.config file. If the property is true (the default), personalization features are enabled for all pages. If personalization is disabled, the Profile property on the HTTP context object isn t available to pages.
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Part 5: Managing Windows Server 2003 Storage and File Systems
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Part 5: Managing Windows Server 2003 Storage and File Systems
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This looks much neater, and you re really pleased with the code that you ve written. You feed all your setup values into the method call, and it calculates the content of the gameSpriteStruct that needs to be set up. The only problem is that it doesn t work. The method call doesn t seem to have any effect on the bread or cheese sprite value.
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Part I: Overview and Concepts
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You should disable any services that you don t need. In Windows Server 2003, you can right-click My Computer and choose Manage. Expand the Services And Applications node in the Computer Management tool, and click Services. In the right-hand pane, you see a list of all the services available on the operating system. You can change a service s startup property by right-clicking its name and choosing Properties. Unnecessary services add overhead to the system and use resources that could otherwise go to SQL Server. No unnecessary services should be marked for automatic startup. Avoid using a server that s running SQL Server as a domain controller, the group s le or print server, the Web server, or the Dynamic Host Con guration Protocol (DHCP) server. You should also consider disabling the Alerter, ClipBook, Computer Browser, Messenger, Network Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE), and Task Scheduler services, which are enabled by default but are not needed by SQL Server.
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15. On the View tab, in the Window group, click Switch Windows, and then click
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Select the type of data you want the formula to return. This gives you the flexibility, for example, to add numeric column values and return the result either as a number or as a single line of text.
drow( job_desc ) = A new job"
When adding a CA s CRL into Active Directory, there is no difference between publishing a root CA and a subordinate CA CRL. Use the following command to publish the CRL:
Set up a recurring task for activities, such as status meetings, that occur on a regu-
Lesson 1: Managing Remote Desktop Connections
Figu r e 1 1 - 1 3 . A D e sign vie w of W e b For m 1 .a spx in t h e Qu e rySt r in g Sa m ple proj e ct .
11. In the Formula Auditing group, click the Error Checking arrow, and then in the
Using Profiler, Management Studio, and Database Engine Tuning Advisor
default value is 60 days. If you try to use backup media older than 60 days, the Active Directory installation will fail. For more information on tombstone lifetime and why it is important, see the section entitled Extensible Storage Engine, on page 1091. With these guidelines in mind, you can create an additional domain controller from backup media by completing the following steps:
Adding Text Boxes
You can specify the type of data allowed in a cell.
The second point is important: without the id attribute, the JavaScript code wouldn t have a valid reference for accessing the controls values. Unfortunately, you can t use the name attribute that ASP.NET generates for this purpose because the default name attribute string contains a colon, which is an invalid character inside JavaScript variables.
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