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A semiadditive measure is different from the additive measures you ve seen thus far because it can be summed along some, but not all, dimensions in a cube. A common use of a semiadditive measure is a value for a fixed point in time (also known as a snapshot), such as inventory quantity. Inventory quantity can be summed up along the Product dimension to find out how many bikes are in stock on a given day, but you can t sum this measure across the Time dimension. For example, the number of bikes you had in stock at the end of the first quarter can t be added to the number of bikes you had in stock at the end of the second quarter (at least, not if you want the correct result!). The measure of inventory on hand over time requires you to look at the value at the end of the time period only, not the sum of all values over the period. When you add a semiadditive measure to a cube, whether using the Cube Wizard or manually adding it by using the Cube Designer, you must change its default aggregation behavior.
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11. On the Smart Card Certificate Enrollment Station page, click Enroll. 12. In the Confirm Smart Card PIN dialog box, type the PIN for the smart card, click Change PIN After Confirmation, and click OK. 13. In the Change Smart Card PIN dialog box, type a new PIN in the New PIN and Confirm New PIN boxes, and click OK.
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Dictionary Compression
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If the test symbol has been defined, all the test statements are compiled into the main program. Deleting the #define directive keeps the designated statements from being compiled. Sample Code: Button-Bash Test The samp e project n the 04 Button Bash Test d rectory n
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Part I
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Update Method XNA Draw Method Game 1 class Game World Data
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6. Click OK to close the dialog box and apply your settings. You are returned to the Appearance and Themes dialog box, which now has a white background. The taskbar and Start menu have also changed. 7. Click the window's Close button to return to the desktop. The classic desktop looks quite boring compared to the Windows XP desktop!
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Deploying Certificates
The following list ing illust r at es how y ou can achieve t his. The solut ion relies on t w o pr ocedures. The fir st is an ex t ension of t he form Load event procedure fr om t he preceding sam ple. The second procedure is new t o t his chapt er ( but you m ay recall it fr om Chapt er 12) . The new code for t his procedure as well as t he new procedur e in t his chapt er appear in bold t y pe. The pr im ary feat ure of t he ext ension is t he inser t ion of a Do While loop wit hin t he For loop t hat ext ract s t he XML fr agm ent as a r esponse obj ect . The Do While loop uses t wo st r ing var iables, st r1 and st r2, t o m anipulat e t he XML r et urned fr om t he response obj ect r et urned by t he Ten_Most _Expensive_Product s Web m et hod. For exam ple, st r1 st or es t he cur rent work ing v er sion of t he ret ur n value fr om t he Web m et hod. I n successiv e passes t hr ough t he Do While loop, t he procedure ext ract s t he fir st values for pr oduct nam e and price from t he XML fragm ent . The for m Load event procedur e uses t he My TagValue funct ion procedur e t o ext ract t he pr oduct nam e and price values. The for m Load event procedure t hen com bines t he t wo values as a new com m a- delim it ed st ring in st r 2, which t he procedure adds as an it em t o List Box1. Befor e it erat ing t hr ough t he loop again, t he code uses t he Right funct ion t o r em ove fr om st r1 t he XML associat ed wit h t he added it em . When t here are no rem aining t ags in st r 1 wit h pr ice inform at ion, t he Do While loop releases cont rol t o t he out er For loop, which leads, in t urn, t o t he opening of For m 4 wit h t he populat ed list box . As indicat ed earlier , t he My TagValue funct ion procedur e init ially appear ed in Chapt er 12. This procedure uses fam iliar st r ing m anipulat ion t echniques t o ext ract t ag v alues from an XML fr agm ent . The calling pr ocedure sim ply passes t he t ag nam e and
Part III
Part II
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In this chapter, you ve learned about the key features of Analysis Services and how to develop a basic database using the Dimension Wizard and the Cube Wizard. You also learned how to configure server properties, manage large databases through partitioning, keep databases up-to-date, secure Analysis Services databases, and monitor server performance. You should now have a good understanding of how Analysis Services works and how you might use this SQL Server component to expand the data management capabilities of your organization.
An HTTP handler can map a request to a database table.
The HttpSessionState class is a normal collection class because it implements the ICollection interface, but synchronization-wise it is a very special collection class. As mentioned, the synchronization mechanism is implemented in the SessionStateModule component, which guarantees that at most one thread will ever access the session state. However, because HttpSessionState implements the ICollection interface, it must provide an implementation for both IsSynchronized and SyncRoot. Note that IsSynchronized and SyncRoot are collectionspecific properties for synchronization and have nothing to do with the session synchroniza-
Remote access/VPN server
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