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SQL*Plus: Release - Production on Sun Jul 23 07:36:43 2006 Copyright (c) 1982, 2005, Oracle. All rights reserved.
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A matrix data region does not have a detail row and always aggregates numeric data based on the intersection of the rows and columns. The default aggregation function is Sum, but you can change this if you need to use a different aggregation.
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In this scenario, the Web Server certificate must be deployed at the Web server computer. This allows the client computer to validate the Web server s identity and use the Web Server certificate s public key to encrypt the pre-master secret key when sending it to the Web server.
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The .NET Framework defines several interfaces from which you can choose to implement your classes. These interfaces usually buy you some extra functionality for your object. Most of the interfaces contain only a few members, and many contain only one. Others are more complex. For the complex interfaces, you re often able to inherit from a .NET Framework class that implements the interface. Some of the interfaces are described in the following table: Interface Benefits Defines sorting IComparable of class instances. It s useful if you want to use the class as a key value in SortedList or support the Sort method of the ArrayList. IEnumerable and IEnumerator These two classes work together to support using For Each or foreach with your class. Allows you to define custom formatting
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covering index An index that includes
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Part II
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Figure 4-14 Placing a draw rectangle on the screen
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Imagine a three-dimensional mathematical space. In charting, to specify a point in the space, you specify three numbers, or a triple coordinate. In the following space, the coordinate for the marked point is (4, 2, 3):
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OCP should not be taken literally. Like SRP, it works much better if used as a driving vector. Frankly, no significant class can be 100 percent closed for modification. By significant class here, I mean most real-world classes or, better, all classes except those you write just for demo purposes! If closure of a given class can t realistically be complete, it should then be strategic. It is a precise architect s responsibility to identify the most likely changes in the class body and close the class design against them. In other words, designing a class that can support all possible future extensions is a utopian pursuit. However, identifying just one specific abstraction or two and making the class work against them is, most of the time, an excellent compromise. Aiming for fully pluggable classes is over designing; even a partial application of OCP is beneficial and rewarding. If you ignore OCP, at some point you might catch yourself downcasting to a specific subclass to compile the code and avoid run-time exceptions. If this happens, it s a clear sign that something is wrong in the design.
Using Properties in a Windows Application
view the synchronization status of your local copy of a shared notebook (the copy that is on your computer) with the original notebook (the copy that is in the central storage location), and open backup copies of notebooks.
Key Usage. A CA, user, computer, network device, or service can have more than one certificate. The Key Usage extension defines the security services for which a certificate can be used. The options can be used in any combination and can include the following:
Note Reporting Services does not include tools to manage a Web farm, so you ll need to use Microsoft Application Center or third-party software to set one up and manage it. However, during installation of Reporting Services, you can add a Report Server to an existing Web farm.
Programming Report Server Management
Click the Execute Query button (or press F5) to run the createtables .sql script.
The Runtime Callable Wrapper (RCW)
Declare [Ansi|Unicode|Auto] [Sub|Function] procedurename Lib dllname [Alias entrypoint"] ( arglist ) [As returntype]
Part IV:
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