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Approve/Reject This option appears only if Content Approval is in effect for the library. In that case, it displays a page where administrators and list managers can set the document s Approval Status to Approved, Rejected, or Pending. Download Picture Downloads the picture to your computer. Check Out Stops anyone but you from updating the picture. (After you choose this option, it changes to Check In.) Version History Displays a history of updates to the picture. This includes date, time, modified by, picture size, and comments. Add To My Links Appears only if the current site collection is configured with a portal connection. In that case, it jumps to a page where you can update your personal site with a link to the picture.
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1. Start Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 if it is not already running. 2. Open the BellRingers solution located in the \Microsoft Press\Visual CSharp Step by Step\ 23\BellRingers folder in your Documents folder. This is a copy of the application that you built in 22.
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Dim sw As New StreamWriter(httpReq.GetRequestStream)
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Network Statistics and How They Can Be Used
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Symmetrical Encryption
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Notice that the page is currently read-only; you cannot modify any of the details displayed. You will enhance the Web form later in this chapter to enable the user to make changes. 3. Close Internet Explorer when you have nished browsing the data, and return to Visual Studio 2008.
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Part 4: Managing Windows Server 2003 Systems
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Machine, application Machine, application Everywhere Everywhere Everywhere Everywhere Machine, application Machine only
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This block of code creates a StreamWriter object that the method uses for writing text to the Member.txt le. Using the StreamWriter class is very similar to displaying text in a console application by using the Console object you can simply use the WriteLine method.
Drawing by Using Our Color Variables
Part IV: Creating and Designing Sites Using FrontPage 2003
Permission Sets
You can indicate the reason you re creating a formatter by passing a StreamingContext object to the second argument of its constructor. The streaming context object contains information about the serialization and deserialization process and can be used by the object being serialized. For example, an object might opt for a compression algorithm if it s being serialized to a file. Even if you don t know whether the object you re seri alizing takes advantage of this additional information, specifying it is a good program ming rule. Here s how you define a formatter that s used to serialize an object to a file:
Note that after the page split, three rows are on the page: the last two original rows, with keys of 20 and 25, and the new row, with a key of 22. If you examine the actual data on the page, you notice that the new row is at slot position 1, even though the row itself is physically the last one on the page. Slot 1 (with value 22) starts at offset 3,326, and slot 2 (with value 25) starts at offset 1,711. The clustered key ordering of the rows is indicated by the slot number of the row, not by the physical position on the page. If a table has a clustered index, the row at slot 1 always has a key value less than the row at slot 2 and greater than the row at slot 0. Only the slot numbers are rearranged, not the data. This is an optimization so that only a small number of offsets are rearranged instead of the entire page s contents. It is a myth that rows in an index are always stored in the exact same physical order as their keys in fact, SQL Server can store the rows anywhere on a page so long as the slot array provides the correct logical ordering. Page splits are expensive operations, involving updates to multiple pages (the page being split, the new page, the page that used to be the m_nextPage of the page being split, and the parent page), all of which are fully logged. As such, you want to minimize the frequency of page splits in your production system, especially during peak usage times. You can avoid negatively affecting performance by minimizing splits. Splits can often be minimized by choosing a better clustering key (one where new rows are inserted at the end of the table, rather than randomly, as with a GUID clustering key) or, especially when splits are caused by update to variable-width columns, by reserving some free space on pages using the FILLFACTOR option when you re creating or rebuilding the indexes. You can use this setting to your advantage during your least busy operational hours by periodically rebuilding (or reorganizing) the indexes with the desired FILLFACTOR. That way, the extra space is available during peak usage times, and you save the overhead of splitting then. The pros and cons of various maintenance options are discussed later in this chapter.
You should always close the Stream object after using it. Otherwise, the stream keeps the file open until the next garbage collection calls the Stream s Finalize method. There are at least two reasons why you d rather close the stream manually. First, if the file is kept open longer than strictly necessary, you can t delete or move it, nor can another application open it for reading and/or writing (depending on the access mode you specified when opening the file). The second reason is performance: the code in the Stream s Close method calls the GC.SuppressFinalize method, so the stream isn t final ized and therefore the resources it uses are released earlier.
182 Reference Architecture for Commerce
Filtered Statistics
The AndAlso operator lets you avoid errors when you check the property of an object variable that might be Nothing:
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