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Capturing your organization s best practices with regard to workflow models and
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them (as long as your computer is turned on). The icon of a shared drive or folder has an outstretched hand beneath it. Tip You can share the entire contents of your hard drive or the contents of a removable storage device such as a ZIP drive. When you share a drive or a folder, the default setting allows any other user on the network to have full access to the files it holds. Another user can see the contents of the drive or folder, open files, save changes, create new files on the drive or in the folder, and delete files from the drive or folder. You can limit access so that only selected people or groups of people can work with the contents, and you can limit the types of access that each person or group has. Tip Windows XP computers that are not connected to a network domain have a Shared Documents folder that contains the Shared Pictures and Shared Music folders. The contents of these shared folders are available to anyone using the computer, meaning that multiple users of the same computer can share files with each other by placing the files in these folders. In this exercise, you will share a folder on your computer from within Windows Explorer and give access to the shared folder to a specific group of people. On the CD The practice files for this exercise are located in the SBS\WindowsXP\Connecting\Sharing folder. (For details about installing the practice files, see 'Using the Book's CD-ROM' at the beginning of this book.) Follow these steps: 1. Log on to Windows, if you have not already done so. 2. On the Start menu, click My Computer. The My Computer folder opens in Windows Explorer:
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Apply the ByAccount aggregation function
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The name of the backup, such as backup.spb. The URL of the site collection. For example, http://server_name/site. If this parameter is absent, backups won t overwrite existing files, and restores won t replace existing collections. Instead, the operation will stop. If the parameter is present, backups will overwrite existing files and restores will replace existing collections.
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Processing and Browsing a Cube
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Review the results of the deployment in the Output window, which should look like this:
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HTML controls are defined in the System.Web.UI.HtmlControls namespace. Most, but not all, HTML tags have a direct control counterpart in the ASP.NET framework. HTML elements that don t map to a made-to-measure server control are rendered through the HtmlGenericControl class and have attributes set using generic collections rather than direct properties. Generic controls include <iframe>, <hr>, <font>, and <body>. In general, you should bear in mind that every element that can appear in an HTML page can be marked as runat= server and programmed and styled on the server.
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You can also click the Help menu to display the About Middleshire Bell Ringers child menu item. 12. Close the form, and return to Visual Studio 2008. As a further touch, you can add icons to menu items. Many applications, including Visual Studio 2008, make use of icons in menus to provide an additional visual cue. 13. In Solution Explorer, right-click the BellRingers project, point to Add, and then click Existing Item. In the Add Existing Item BellRingers dialog box, move to the folder Microsoft Press\Visual CSharp Step By Step\ 23 under your Documents folder, in the File name box type Ring.bmp Face.bmp Note.bmp (including the quotation marks), and then click Add. This action adds the three image les as resources to your application.
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Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Inside Out The basic permissions you can assign to folders and files are shown in Table 21-1 and Table 21-2. These permissions are made up of multiple special permissions.
CREATE TABLE T1 (T1ID char(1), T1name char(10)); GO INSERT T1 SELECT 'A', 'aaaaaaaaaa'; INSERT T1 SELECT 'B', 'bbbbbbbbbb'; GO DBCC IND (AdventureWorks2008, 'T1',-1); -- page 6709 DBCC TRACEON (3604); DBCC PAGE('AdventureWorks2008', 1, 6709, 1); OUTPUT ROW: Slot 0, Offset 0x60, Length 32, DumpStyle BYTE Record Type = PRIMARY_RECORD Record Attributes = NULL_BITMAP VERSIONING_INFO
Now, you can move the RSKey file to a secure location in your environment.
col.Add( Balena", LastName )
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In the Processes dialog box, you can decide what happens when the debugging is stopped. You can choose the Detach From This Process option (in which case, the ser vice will continue to run when the debugger stops) and the Terminate This Process option (in which case, the service will terminate). Finally, click Close to start debugging the service application. You can now set one or more breakpoints, as you would in a regular application. For example, you might set a breakpoint at the beginning of the FileSystemWatcher1_Created procedure to trace code in the service application and see what happens when a new file is created in the directory being monitored.
Public Property X() As Integer Implements MoveIt.IMoveable.X Get Return m_x End Get Set(ByVal Value As Integer) m_x = Value End Set End Property // Visual C# private int m_x; public int X { get { return m_x; } set { m_x = value; }
Part 6: Managing Windows Server 2003 Networking and Print Services
You should recognize the pattern in this logic by now. If leftHandSide.Day < rightHandSide.Day and leftHandSide.Day > rightHandSide.Day both are false, the value in the Day properties in both variables must be the same. The Month values and the Year values must also be identical, respectively, for the program logic to have reached this far, so the two dates must be the same, and the program sets the value of result to 0. The nal statement returns the value stored in the result variable. 13. On the Debug menu, click Start Without Debugging. The application is rebuilt and restarted. Once again, the two DateTimePicker controls, rst and second, are set to the current date. 14. Click Compare. The following text appears in the text box:
Do this
The Previous Version client is stored in the %SystemRoot%\System32\Clients\Twclient\ X86 folder. Its installer is named Twcli32.msi. Computers running Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, Microsoft Windows 2000 Service Pack 3 or later, and Microsoft Windows 98 can use this client. Once the client is on the user s computer, you run it by double-clicking it. This starts the Previous Versions Client Setup Wizard. The wizard automatically installs the client, and you only need to click Next and then click Finish (see Figure 22-4).
SQL Server Browser
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