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2: Installing the Software
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Networking hardware, including switches, routers, and firewalls
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This procedure samples up to 5,000 pages of the table and creates an equivalent table with the sampled pages in tempdb. Using this temporary table, SQL Server can estimate the new table size for the requested compression state (NONE, ROW, or PAGE). Compression can be evaluated for whole tables or parts of tables. This includes heaps, clustered indexes, nonclustered indexes, indexed views, and table and index partitions. Keep in mind that the result is only an estimate and your actual savings can vary widely based on the llfactor and the size of the rows. If the procedure indicates that you can reduce your row size by 40 percent, you might not actually get a 40-percent space savings for the whole table. For example, if you have a row that is 8,000 bytes long and you reduce its size by 40 percent, you still can t only one row on a data page and your table still needs the same number of pages. You may get results from running sp_estimate_data_compression_savings that indicate that the table will grow. This can happen when many rows in the table use almost the whole maximum size of the data types, and the addition of the overhead needed for the compression information is more than the savings from compression. If the table is already compressed, you can use this procedure to estimate the size of the table (or index) if it were to be uncompressed.
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vice pack level on the domain controller. The Windows 2000 domain controller should be running Service Pack 3 or later. If it isn t, upgrade it.
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5. Click the name of task 9, Plan author s travel itinerary.
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the Initialize method. This is called when the game starts up. If all these methods are confusing, think about what happens when you have a party. This takes a number of steps: 1. Set up the tables and chairs. 2. Fetch the food and drink. 3. Repeatedly play music and dance. 4. Tidy up afterward. When an XNA game runs, it goes through the same process: 1. Set things up: Initialize 2. Load game content: LoadContent 3. Repeatedly update the game and draw the display: Draw and Update 4. Free up all the content: UnloadContent When the game ends, the XNA system will call the UnloadContent method. You can add statements to that method to explicitly release resources that your game has used, but for now you can leave this out. In fact, you need not provide code for all these methods; they are there only so that you can get control at various points of the game s life cycle. The code that you put in the Initialize method needs to create a Rectangle with which to describe the destination of the draw operations:
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Managing Partitions and Database Processing
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Reading Text Input
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In Solution Explorer, right-click the name of the project, and then click Add Reference. On the .NET tab, click the Browse button, and then navigate to Microsoft.ReportingServices.Interfaces.dll, which by default is located in C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL\Reporting Services\ReportServer\bin. Select the file, and then click the Open button (or double-click the file name).
Build and execute the application by pressing F5. The form should resemble Figure 6-10 when the
Then, in the properties dialog box that opens, click the IPSec Settings tab, as shown in Figure 10-17.
Note Here, the command text (which is dependent on installation of the XML data provider extension) is hard-coded into the method. Another way you might create this method is by using an argument to accept command text as input. The m_fields array is used to store the list of field names. You can iterate through this list in another method to embed field names into the report definition at run-time rather than hard-code field names. The method shown here is for illustrative purposes only to show how to use the custom data processing extension in a custom application and to show how to get a list of fields from the data source. The GenerateRDL() method that you review in the next procedure does not use the resulting list of fields. 2
snapshot to isolate the records that it will include in the update process from the records that are added to the warehouse after processing has begun. 5. Click Cancel, move the slider to Medium-Latency MOLAP, and then click Options. The Storage Options dialog box looks like this:
Design the new network environment
This table includes the Actual Work and Remaining Work columns that you will work with shortly, although they might not yet be visible. The values in the Work column are the task and assignment totals for scheduled work. Note that each task s work value is the sum of its assignment work values. For example, the work
Dim cn As New OleDbConnection(OleDbPubsConnString)
You start your message board off by writing a program that displays the keys that are presently being held down on a keyboard. The Update method sets a message string in the game world that the Draw method puts up on the screen for everyone to see. The code in the Update method must look through the array of pressed keys and add a description of each key to the message string as follows:
Dim xColumn As New DataColumn("X", System.Type.GetType ("System.Int32")) Dim yColumn As New DataColumn("Y", System.Type.GetType ("System.Int32")) pointsTable.Columns.Add(xColumn) pointsTable.Columns.Add(yColumn) Dim x As Integer Dim y As Integer For x = 0 To 5 For y = 0 To 5 Dim newRow As DataRow = pointsTable.NewRow() newRow("X") = x newRow("Y") = y pointsTable.Rows.Add(newRow) Next Next End Sub
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