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In the final phase of Windows Setup, a GUI interface is presented that allows you to customize the configuration this includes hardware settings, network parameters, licensing, and regional options, as well as joining the computer to a domain or workgroup and setting the administrator password.
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Real World
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Gives on overview of fragmentation on the volume. Total Fragmentation details the percentage of the total volume that is fragmented. File Fragmentation details the percentage of used space that is fragmented. Free Space Fragmentation details the percentage of unused space that is fragmented. Gives an overview of file-level fragmentation showing the total number of files on the volume, the average size of those files, how many files are fragmented, and the average number of fragments per file. Ideally, you want the number of fragments per file to be as close to 1.00 as possible. In this example, the fragments per file ratio is 1.58, indicating that about 58 percent of files are fragmented into two or more clusters. Gives an overview of how fragmented the page file is (if there s one on the volume). If you followed my advice of setting a fixed page file size, as discussed in the section entitled Tuning Virtual Memory on page 454, the page file shouldn t be fragmented, which is the case here. Otherwise, the page file can get fragmented as it grows in size and is written to new areas of the disk. Gives an overview of folder-level fragmentation showing the total number of folders on the volume and how many folders are fragmented. For NTFS volumes only, gives an overview of fragmentation in the MFT, showing the current size of the MFT, the number of records it contains, the percentage of the MFT in use, and the total number of fragments in the MFT. In this example, the MFT has some fragmentation. But the real concern is that it is at 98 percent of its maximum size. Because of this, the MFT could become more fragmented over time there is still 11 percent free space on the volume, and if it needs to grow it will grow into the free space.
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protected override void Update(GameTime gameTime) { gamePad1 = GamePad.GetState(PlayerIndex.One); if (gamePad1.Buttons.Back == ButtonState.Pressed) this.Exit(); updateCheese();
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Lessons in this chapter:
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Log Spooler Error Events
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You can omit DocMap, Parameters, or Toolbar if you want to display these items. The default value for these parameters is true, and you do not need to explicitly include them in the URL request.
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Server: Type: Name: ID:
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The Task Information dialog box appears.
Querying Information in a Database
As you can see, if defined, a control adapter is used to generate the markup for the control. The adapter can be declaratively specified and is an external component that can be made to measure for your needs. Using an adapter to alter the markup of a given class of controls is an unobtrusive option that doesn t require any changes to existing pages using the control. It only requires you to add a browser definition file. Browser definition files have a .browser extension and contain definitions that apply to a specific browser. At run time, ASP.NET determines the browser being used, uses the configuration file to determine the capabilities of the browser, and based on that figures out how to render markup to that browser. Here s a snippet that illustrates how to register a control adapter for the Menu for whatever browsers the user will employ:
Part 8: Part Title
Do this
When you click Finish, the Creating Subscriptions page appears and begins to inform you of the progress of the subscription creation and its success. It is also possible to create the publication using SQL statements. The statements used to create the example in this section are shown in the following sections.
The preceding statement sets backgroundColor to a color value that has the red and green values at maximum, which would be displayed as yellow.
Creating Components
Dynamic management views, also called DMVs, are new in SQL Server 2005. They provide a new method for accessing a wide range information on database performance and resource usage and allow greater visibility into the database than previous versions of SQL Server, providing easier and more substantive monitoring of database health, diagnosing problems, and tuning performance. See 31, Using Dynamic Management Views, for details on the available DMVs and examples of how to use them.
Your Diagram pane, when fully visible, should look similar to this:
Step 3 - Create a Workload Model
Part IV
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