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Define the second counter, and then add it to the collection. ccd = New CounterCreationData( Flush operations / sec", _ Number of flush operations per second", _ PerformanceCounterType.RateOfCountsPerSecond32) counters.Add(ccd) Create the category and its counters in one operation. PerformanceCounterCategory.Create( MyApp", _ Counters for MyApp program", counters) End Sub
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Asymmetric encryption algorithms work with two distinct keys: a private key and a public key. You can generate a key pair and give away the public key so that anyone can use it to encrypt a message that only you can decrypt. As with a symmetric algorithm, a freshly created AsymmetricAlgorithm object contains randomly generated keys. You can export them to XML (and possibly save them on file) with the ToXmlString method and import them with the FromXmlString method:
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Does this mean that Visual Basic .NET can t copy arrays Of course not, but you have to use a different syntax. Being objects, arrays expose several methods. One of these methods is Clone, which creates a copy of the original array and returns a reference to that copy. Let s rewrite the previous example to use the Clone method:
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Let s see now what code you must write to have a control act as a drag-and-drop target. A control that works as a drag-and-drop target can receive four events: DragEnter (the mouse is entering the control s client area), DragOver (the mouse is moving inside the control), DragLeave (the mouse is exiting the control), and DragDrop (the mouse button is being released while over the control). Remember that you must set the target control s AllowDrop property to True; otherwise, none of these events will ever fire. The DragEnter, DragOver, and DragDrop events receive a DragEventArgs object in their second argument. You can learn more about the drag-and-drop operation being performed by querying its read-only properties: AllowedEffect (a bit-coded value that
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4 Click Next, and then choose whether to create a new library or use an existing one. 5 Click Next, and then specify the location of your SharePoint site. 6 Satisfy the remaining prompts, and then click Finish.
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You can double-click a partition in Object Explorer to open the Partition Properties dialog box. Each of the Internet Sales partitions is configured identically, except the source data for each partition is based on a different query which separates the fact table into four sets of sales transactions, one for each year of data. 2. Right-click the Partitions folder, click New Partition, and then click Next on the Welcome page. Select the fact table associated with the measure group, which in this case is dbo.FactInternetSales, and then click Next. 3. On the Restrict Rows page of the Partition Wizard, you define which data will be selected from the fact table and loaded into the partition. If you maintain separate fact tables for each partition, you re done with the wizard and can click Finish. However, if you plan to create multiple partitions from a single fact table, you need to create a SELECT statement with a WHERE clause to specify which data should be loaded into this partition. Select the Specify A Query To Restrict Rows check box.
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DBCC Internals
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In this example, all name formats of the nwtraders.msft domain are permitted, but all name formats of contoso.msft are excluded. This is a common configuration for a Cross Certification Authority certificate issued by contoso.msft to nwtraders.msft. It ensures that Northwind Traders includes only its namespace in its certificates and enforces that Northwind Traders does not issue certificates to Contoso s employees.
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Fine-Tuning Task Details
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In this figure:
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Reference Architecture for Commerce
Your report is now complete, but you can continue to refine it by adding other data regions, images, or freestanding textboxes. For example, you can drag the table to a lower position in the report body and then add a textbox into which you could type a static title or create an expression for a title that changes according to current report conditions. You can also add a subreport to embed an existing report into the current report to employ a build once, reuse many times strategy. Even though the number of report items you can use in a report is relatively small, they can be combined and nested in very creative ways to produce an amazing variety of report styles.
Remainder of procedure as before.
Introducing SharePoint Portal Server
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You can monitor execution performance by using Report Manager to enable or disable logging and to limit the number of days for which logging is retained. Execution logs differ from trace logs because the latter are stored in a set of files,
After You Install the Prerequisite Software
C# and XNA can use two different types to hold floating point values. One of these types is called float and holds a number with seven digits of precision. This means it could hold the mathematical constant pi as 3.14159274. The other type is called double. This second type uses twice as much memory to hold each value and is good for around 16 digits of accuracy, and could hold pi as 3.14159265358979. Very high levels of precision can be important in video games because values are being updated thousands of times a second, so errors will accumulate quickly. For the purpose of your game, you can use floating point. However, you need to remember that when you give a real number value (one with a decimal point) in the program text, the C# compiler will assume that it s a double precision value. So the following statement would cause a compilation error:
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