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however, can be upgraded only to Windows Server 2003, Enterprise Edition.
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and then press the Enter key. Jane and Zac are assigned to task 9.
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Private Sub dgrTitles_PageIndexChanged(ByVal source As Object, _ ByVal e As DataGridPageChangedEventArgs) _ Handles dgrTitles.PageIndexChanged Navigate to another page and rebind the DataGrid. dgrTitles.CurrentPageIndex = e.NewPageIndex BindDataGrid() End Sub
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One of the key benefits of a standardized metadata-based OLAP query language is that you can use a general-purpose OLAP browser to query any of the OLAP databases . For example, with a Microsoft Analysis Services cube, you can choose to use Microsoft client tools such as those included in Microsoft Office, or you can choose query tools from many other vendors . Any client tool that uses MDX or XMLA can understand your cube and generate meaningful reports without the need for you to create custom queries . In other words, because MDX query statements are based on the metadata stored in an OLAP cube, you can probably use a tool that generates the query for you, and you won t have to write any MDX query statements at all . If you do have a reason for writing custom MDX queries, the metadata makes it much easier than writing SQL queries . For example, if you create a query in SQL that calculates the total Sales Units for each customer s City, you still need to add a clause to make sure that the cities are sorted properly . In an MDX query, you simply state that you want the members of the City attribute and you automatically get the default sort order as defined in the metadata . As another example, in a relational database table that contains both Country and City columns, nothing suggests that cities belong to countries instead of countries belonging to cities . If you want to show all the cities in Germany, you must query for cities and then explicitly include in your query a clause that filters for Germany . In an OLAP cube, where Country is defined as the parent of City, you can just query for the children of Germany . This is just a small sample of the types of powerful queries you can write using MDX . Many other kinds of queries that are difficult to write in SQL such as a cross-tabulation that shows the best-selling products as column headings and the best-selling regions as row headings are relatively simple to write using MDX . Some reports that are simply impossible to create using SQL such as nesting multiple layers of attributes as column headings are very simple to create using MDX .
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After you disable a user right at the server level, that right will no longer be present in the Edit Site Group page that appears in each site. This is the page that assigns user rights to site groups. If, at the server level, you enable a user right that you previously disabled, that right will appear once again in all Edit Site Group pages, with all prior settings intact.
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The reports that were associated with this data source during the authoring stage will continue to use the data source, even though it s been relocated to another folder.
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Use Device Manager to view information about installed hardware devices.
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Part 6: Managing Windows Server 2003 Networking and Print Services
You have a task that must occur on a specific weekday. You have a task that must occur over the weekend.
Figure 17-1. The Site Administration page provides the most global commands for site collection and site administrators.
Private Const BarWidth As Integer = TrackHeight \ 5 Equal to rai l width Private Const BarSpacing As Integer = BarWidth * 2
Abbrev. Title
Part 4
Part III
To help you review the information extracted to the RSExecutionLog database, Reporting Services supplies several execution logging reports. You can use the reports with or without modification, or add your own reports to use the execution logging information in different ways. In this procedure, you will deploy the execution logging reports, review the Average Report Execution Times report, and then deploy reports for comparing execution times.
Create a permission that grants access to two directories. Dim perm2 As New FileIOPermission(PermissionState.None) perm2.AddPathList(FileIoPermissionAccess.Read, c:\templates ) perm2.AddPathList(FileIoPermissionAccess.AllAccess, c:\temp )
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