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Creating Components
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20. Click Yes to delete the folder.
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By understanding the data and finding criteria that data is divided on, you can better develop a partitioning design that is optimal. What and how to partition is decided at the design stage of the database development. The designer, who is intimately familiar with the data and the application, should be able to pick natural partitions for data. For example, since the designer knows that end-of-month processing will select an entire month s worth of data, this might indicate that partitioning on month is natural.
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With more than two or three dimensions, it s usually easier to visualize a cube as a table with dimensions represented by key columns. To retrieve a single value from the cube that is, to specify a single cell in the cube you must specify one member from each dimension. Watch for a pattern in the terminology for a coordinate as it includes more dimensions: A coordinate containing one dimension is a single coordinate. A coordinate containing two dimensions is a double coordinate. With three dimensions, it is a triple coordinate. With four dimensions, it is a quadruple coordinate; with five, a quintuple; with six, a sextuple, with seven, a septuple; and with eight, an octuple. Once you get past four dimensions in a coordinate, each of the coordinate numbers ends in the suffix tuple. The generic term for a coordinate that includes one or more dimensions is a tuple.
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Planning Site Collections and Top-Level Sites
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Server: Msg 1935, Level 16, State 1, Line 2 Cannot create index. Object '<tname>' was created with the following SET options off: '<option(s)>'.
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5. False. Nice thought, though. XML stands for Extensible Markup Language. XML is widely used in computing to allow two different programs to share information. An XML file contains the names of settings/values (for example, <size>) and the values that these should have (for example, 100). 6. True. A vector is given as coordinates that identify a point, such as (200, 300). You get the direction and distance of movement by considering how you would travel from the origin (0, 0) to that point. In the case of (200, 300), you would be moving across and down the screen if you were drawing in 2D. 7. False. The first program you write should display Hello World. 8. False. While the Xbox can be programmed to update the clock by using a network connection, the hardware itself holds a battery-backed-up clock that will keep track of time for the Xbox device. 9. False. Both the PC and the Xbox have special software to localize them to a particular area. One aspect of localization is how the date and the time are displayed, so the same program code might display the date and time differently on machines in different countries. 10. True. That is exactly what it does. Inside the structure itself are fields that hold the day, month, year, hour, minute, and second that the particular value of DateTime represents. 11. False. As an example the DateTime structure provides a property called Now. This delivers a DateTime instance that is set to the current time. Properties are used by objects as a way for the outside world to interact with the data that they hold. 12. True. That is what ToString() is for. Exactly what you get when you call ToString depends on what the object holds and what the programmer who created the type of object has decided that ToString() should return. In the case of the DateTime object, the ToString() method returns the date. 13. False. A programmer can make it run forever, either intentionally or by mistake. However, how long the for loop runs depends on your requirements. In this chapter, you ve used it to repeatedly draw items a particular number of times. 14. False. The first time around the loop, the value of layer would be 0, the second time it would be 1, the third time it would be 2, and the fourth time it would be 3. At the end of the fourth time around the loop, the value of layer would be increased to 4. Since this is not less than 4, the condition would no longer be true, and the loop would end after four times around. 15. False (nasty ones these). The value left in layer when the loop has stopped is the value that caused the condition to fail. The value 10 would not cause the condition to fail, as layer would be equal to 10. The value of layer that causes the loop to end would be 11 since that is not less than or equal to 10. 16. True. The test is always performed before the code controlled by the for loop is obeyed. The first time the test is performed, the value of layer is 4. Since 4 is not less than 0, the test fails, and the loop never runs.
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Performance Tuning and Troubleshooting
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Part 3
Zone transfers are used to send a read-only copy of zone information to secondary DNS servers, which can be located in the same domain or in other domains. Windows Server 2003 supports three zone transfer methods:
Using Triggers
The default setting for this policy is Prompt For Credentials for Vista Home, Vista Business, and Vista Ultimate and Automatically Deny Elevation Requests for Vista Enterprise.
FIGURE 2-16 Predefined transformations of the web.config file.
This option can be enabled only when there is no other active session in the database, so there are no transitional states.
JScript .NET is an ext ension of t he Microsoft JScr ipt language, which was based on ECMAScript ( ECMA- 262) . ECMA is t he European Com put er Manufact urers Associat ion. JScript .NET is ex plicit ly developed for use w it h t he runt im e. Since JScr ipt .NET generally follows t he ECMAScript convent ions, it offers a st andards- based rout e t o creat ing .NET Fram ework solut ions w it h a popular script ing language am ong Web developer s.
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