Training Your Computer to Recognize Your Voice in

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Part VII:
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The obvious advantage of implementing a single network-attached HSM is that you reduce the hardware costs associated with HSMs. You are able to deploy a single HSM for all CAs in the hierarchy, subject to the licensing requirements of the HSM vendor. The disadvantage is that you must connect the offline CA computers to the corporate network when they have to connect to the HSM. Some companies choose to temporarily disconnect the HSM from the corporate network and connect the offline CA computer directly to the HSM with a crossover cable. While temporarily connecting the HSM to the offline CA secures communications with the HSM, it also prevents the online CA computers from communicating with the HSM, blocking access to the online CA s private key. To prevent loss of communications to an online CA when accessing the HSM from an offline CA, you can deploy the network-attached HSM on a private network rather than the corporate network. (See Figure 7-8.)
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An action is used to link a report item to information located elsewhere. The type of action that you create determines where that information is located and what it looks like. When a user clicks a bookmark action, the report switches to another area of the report, which might be another data region or another page in the same report. Implementing a bookmark action is a two-step process. You have to add the bookmark to a report item (which is not limited to a textbox or an image) that is the destination of the bookmark action, and then add the bookmark action to the report item that serves as the origination point. A hyperlink, or URL, action launches a Web page when a user clicks a report item. You can define a static URL, or you can use an expression to generate a URL dynamically at run-time. You might even consider storing URLs in a relational table that you can query and reference using a field expression. This would allow you to select an appropriate target destination based on current conditions in the source report, or to maintain destinations in a database table to avoid editing the report if a destination changes later. An action that jumps to another report can simply open another report, or it can pass a value to a report parameter in the target report to control what happens when the report executes or is rendered. For this type of action, you identify the target report, and then, if you re taking advantage of a report parameter, you associate a value in the source report to a specific report parameter in the target report.
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Microsoft SQL Server Administration
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Dim timeDep As New System.Web.Caching.CacheDependency(Nothing, cacheKeys)
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Installing Reporting Services
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Enable autoenrollment for certificate renewal. Add a certificate policy to describe the issuance method of the smart card certificate. Add application policies to the smart card certificate. Enforce a specific smart card CSP for a particular template/certificate.
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FIGURE 2-4 Configuring the application pool Integrated Pipeline mode in IIS 7.
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dows are the View Shortcuts toolbar, the Zoom button, and the Zoom slider. These tools provide you with convenient methods for adjusting the display of file content.
The ResolveUrl method converts a relative virtual path into an absolute virtual path, so it s useful for building URLs to be passed to the client (for example, as hyperlinks). Notice that the domain name isn t returned by this function, so you must add it explic itly if necessary:
Part II
m_nodes(i) = field i += 1 Next End Sub New
In the Properties window, change the Text property of the button object to Show My Birthday. Now you ll add a few lines of program code to a procedure associated with the button object. This procedure is called an event procedure because it runs when an event, such as a mouse click, occurs in the object.
Information Stored in an Index Row
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