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Part 2: End-User Features and Experience
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Review System Requirements and Compatibility
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The domain attribute indicates the default Internet domain of the cookie and is set to the empty string by default. The requireSSL attribute is false by default. If it s true, SSL is required for all cookies. The httpOnlyCookies attribute enables ASP.NET to output an extra HttpOnly cookie attribute that can help mitigate cross-site scripting threats that result in stolen cookies. When a cookie that has the HttpOnly attribute set to true is received by a compliant browser such as Internet Explorer 6 SP1 (and superior), it is inaccessible to client-side script.
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Visual Basic .NET accepts five scope qualifiers, which are the three qualifiers available to Visual Basic 6 developers (Public, Friend, and Private), plus two new ones (Protected and Protected Friend). These new qualifiers are related to inheritance, which explains why I deferred their description until now. Before diving into a thorough discussion of scope, though, you must learn about one more Visual Basic .NET feature: nested classes.
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3 Getting Player Input
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3. Click OK to close the Edit Named Query dialog box. The Edit Named Query dialog box looks like this:
Design Fundamentals
Advanced Design
Quick Launch
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The ContextUtil class lets you read and set the done bit and the consistent bit that all COM+ objects manage. (See the section Defining a Transactional Class, earlier in this chapter.) You already know that the SetComplete method sets both these bits to True (the transaction can be committed and the object can be deactivated), whereas the SetAbort method sets the done bit to True and the consistent bit to False (the transaction is doomed). You can also vote for a transaction outcome without deactivating the object, by means of the EnableCommit method (which sets the consistent bit to True and the done bit to False) and the DisableCommit method (which sets both bits to False); these methods can be useful if the client can perform multiple calls into the object to complete the task at hand.
This yields the following results:
Assigning Work Resources to Tasks
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