6: Personalizing Windows XP in .net C#

Printing Data Matrix ECC200 in .net C# 6: Personalizing Windows XP

Sub TestFinalize3() Debug.WriteLine( About to create a Person object. ) Dim aPerson As New Person2( Joe", Doe ) aPerson = Nothing Debug.WriteLine( About to fire a garbage collection. ) GC.Collect() GC.WaitForPendingFinalizers() End Sub
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An N+1 cluster has two or more virtual servers installed in a cluster along with one passive node (+1). The database data and log files for each virtual server are installed on a shared storage resource that is dedicated to that virtual server. A separate SQL Server 2005 license is required for each virtual server. In the case of a primary node for a virtual server failing or being taken offline, the passive node takes control of the shared storage resource for that virtual server. The other virtual servers, those using the previously passive node, are not affected by this failover. An N+1 cluster can be more cost-effective than configuring multiple single-instance clusters, as fewer servers are required. N+1 clusters allow you to better scale out database solutions on existing servers while still guaranteeing a level of performance due to the spare passive node. Note
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3. On the HideInstance box in the Flags pane, select Yes to hide the instance. Click OK to apply the changes and close the dialog box. You do not need to restart your server to make this change effective. Once you click OK, the setting change is immediately applied and new connections will not be able to connect to the instance via the SQL Browser service. A connection can still be made to the SQL Server instance by specifying the protocol, server name (or TCP/IP address), and port number, or the named pipe directly, for example:
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The Text pr opert y for But t on2 on Form 2 is set t o Open Form 1 in t he Form 2_Load ev ent procedure. A click t o But t on2 act ually does m or e t han it s label suggest s. The But t on2_Click ev ent procedure has j ust a single line, but t hat line calls t he MyForm 2Exit pr ocedur e. Recall from t he discussion in t he preceding paragraph t hat t his pr ocedur e copies values from t he m odule behind Form 2 t o t he t ext boxes in Form 1 as it opens Form 1 and closes Form 2. I f a user clicks But t on2 aft er
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Consider the EmployeeForm.aspx page of the Litware Web site again. The user is expected to enter the details of an employee: name, employee ID, position, and role. All the text boxes should be mandatory. Additionally, the employee ID should be a positive integer.
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Generating a Wrapped Proxy
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.NET assemblies embed more metadata than COM type libraries; therefore, it is unavoidable that some information is lost in the conversion process from .NET to COM. In most cases, you don t need to care about these details, but there are a few things that you should keep in mind. In this section, I ll summarize what you should be careful about. Assembly version information consists of a 4-part number, whereas type libraries support only major and minor version numbers. During the conversion process, the assembly s revision and build version numbers are discarded. If the assembly had no version information that is, the version is the type library is assigned version 1.0; otherwise, it couldn t be loaded correctly by a COM client.
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Building Custom Reporting Tools CD-511
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public partial class Redir : System.Web.UI.Page { protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) { // Capture the originally requested page var url = String.Empty; var o = Request["Page"]; if (o != null) { url = Server.UrlEncode((String) o); if (String.IsNullOrEmpty(url) return; } // Do something here, such as updating a counter ... // Redirect the user to the originally requested page Response.Redirect(url); } }
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Correcting and Sizing Text While Typing
Your screen looks like this:
Figure 31-3 displays the output of the previous query run against the AdventureWorks database (Note: This is an example output only; the output you observe may be different.)
Part 6: Managing Windows Server 2003 Networking and Print Services
5. To confirm that the reports were successfully published, open the Home page of Report Manager in Internet Explorer. If the Home page is already open, click Refresh on the Internet Explorer toolbar to update the page.
Accessing Administrative Methods
SELECT task_address, task_state, context_switches_count, pending_io_count, pending_io_byte_count, pending_io_byte_average, scheduler_id, session_id, exec_context_id, request_id, worker_address, host_address FROM sys.dm_os_tasks ORDER BY session_id, request_id;
Deleting an Existing GPO by Using the Group Policy Object Editor
If you use this technique, remove the filter on the dataset based on Category, or the report will be empty when using All Categories. If left in place, the datset filter tries to display rows with the category All Categories, which doesn t exist.
To Build an asdatabase file Use the Analysis Services Deployment Wizard to deploy an asdatabase file to a server Use SQL Server Management Studio to process an Analysis Services database Create an XMLA script to create an object based on another object Create an XMLA script to process an object by modifying a processing script for a similar object Execute an XMLA script in the Query Editor window Automate the processing of an OLAP database Schedule an Integration Services package Do this In Solution Explorer in Visual Studio, right-click an Analysis Services project, and then click Build. Click Start, point to All Programs, point to Microsoft SQL Server 2005, point to Analysis Services, click Deployment Wizard, click Next to bypass the Welcome page, specify the path and file name of the asdatabase file in the Database File box, click Next on each page of the wizard until the last page is reached, and then click Finish. In SQL Server Management Studio, connect to Analysis Services, expand the Databases folder, right-click the database to process, click Process, and then click OK to start processing. In SQL Server Management Studio, right-click the object to copy, point to Script Partition As, point to CREATE To, click New Query Editor Window, and then, at minimum, modify the script to assign a unique ID and name. In SQL Server Management Studio, right-click the object to use as a model, click Process, click the Script button at the top of the dialog box, click Cancel, and then modify the script as necessary in the Query Editor window. Click the Execute button on the SQL Server Management Studio toolbar. In Visual Studio, create an Integration Services project, add an Analysis Services Processing Task, double-click the task, and then specify the OLAP database in the task editor. Save the project. In SQL Server Management Studio, connect to Integration Services, expand the Stored Packages folder, right-click the File System folder, click Import Package, select File System in the Package Location drop-down list, specify the path and package file name as well as the package name, right-click the package, click Run Package, click Command Line, copy the command line text to the clipboard, connect to the Database Engine, expand SQL Server Agent, right-click the Jobs folder, click New Job, specify a name for the job, click Steps, specify a name for the step, select Operating System (CmdExec) in the Type drop-down list, paste the contents of the clipboard into the Command box, and then type dtexec in front of the command line text. In SQL Server Management Studio, connect to the Database Engine, expand SQL Server Agent, expand the Jobs folder, right-click the job, and then click OK to confirm. In SQL Server Management Studio, connect to Analysis Services, expand the Databases folder, right-click the database, click Backup, provide a password, and then click OK. In SQL Server Management Studio, connect to Analysis Services, right-click the Databases folder, click Restore, specify a name for the database, click the Browse button, navigate to the abf file, type the password used to back up the database, and then click OK.
Get the only XmlNode that matches the expression, and cast it to XmlElement.
10. In the Select User dialog box, in the Enter the Object Name to Select box, type the user account name for the smart card holder, and click OK.
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The Send page of the Backstage view. Print From this page, you can preview and print a notebook page, a group of
USE AdventureWorks2008; SET TRANSACTION ISOLATION LEVEL SERIALIZABLE; BEGIN TRAN UPDATE Production.Product SET ListPrice = ListPrice * 0.6 WHERE Name LIKE 'Racing Socks%'; SELECT * FROM DBlocks WHERE spid = @@spid AND entity_name = 'Product'; COMMIT TRAN
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