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Dim ar As IAsyncResult = findFilesDeleg.BeginInvoke( _
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Note that the value assigned to the mode attribute is case sensitive. The format of the stateConnectionString attribute is shown in the following line of code. The default machine address is, while the port is 42424.
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File and Settings Transfer Wizard
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When you are responsible for an Analysis Services cube or UDM you perform two basic roles. On the one hand, you act as a developer designing and creating the dimensions and cubes. On the other hand, you act as an administrator keeping deployed cubes up-to-date and performing properly. In a large-scale implementation, it is common for these roles to be performed by different people, or even for multiple people to be involved in each part. Analysis Services in SQL Server 2005 recognizes that these are completely different roles and gives you two completely different tools for performing them. For the developer, there is Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS). This is actually a copy of Visual Studio 2005, but with business intelligence designers installed instead of designers for C#.NET or VB.NET. If you use Visual Studio to write .NET applications, BIDS integrates smoothly with your existing installation. If you do not use Visual Studio for any other purpose, the Visual Studio shell, along with the business intelligence designers, is included with SQL Server 2005. Within BIDS, you can have multiple developers working on different parts of a single project, using XMLA to deploy the Analysis Services application to the development, test, or production server as appropriate. You can even integrate the project with Microsoft Visual Source Safe (VSS) so that you can safely manage the source code for an Analysis Services cube. If you want to automate either development or production tasks, you can use the .NET libraries in Analysis Management Objects (AMO), or you can use XMLA scripts. Analysis Services 2005 is very effective at implementing the three benefits of OLAP. It uses a database model with automatic management of aggregations to handle extremely fast response from huge databases with little or no data explosion. It allows you to create a metadata model that accurately represents the true nature of both dimensions and cubes. And it supports a powerful implementation of the MDX formula language with capabilities that range from simple calculated ratios to complex financial calculations with sophisticated ripple effects. In essence, Analysis Services is simple enough for small, uncomplicated organizations, and powerful enough for large or complex organizations, allowing all types of organizations to add analytical power to their BI solutions.
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HtmlTable tblForm = new HtmlTable(); tblForm.Rows.Add(new HtmlTableRow()); tblForm.Rows[0].Cells.Add(new HtmlTableCell()); tblForm.Rows[0].Cells.Add(new HtmlTableCell()); tblForm.Rows[0].Cells.Add(new HtmlTableCell()); tblForm.Rows[0].Cells.Add(new HtmlTableCell()); tblForm.Rows[0].Cells[0].InnerText = "Top Site"; tblForm.Rows[0].Cells[1].InnerText = "Owner Login"; tblForm.Rows[0].Cells[2].InnerText = "Owner E-Mail";
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FIGURE 11-5 Using the float CSS attribute to display <div> tags as a horizontal sequence.
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It s interesting to see that the AutoPostBack property is implemented by means of a short client-side JavaScript routine and a couple of hidden fields. When the user selects a new item in the combo box, the routine loads the name of the control that fired the postback in the first control, loads an additional argument in the second hidden field (an empty string in this specific case), and then finally submits the form. Here s the abridged version of the HTML form sent to the browser:
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Configuring Computer Startup and Shutdown Scripts
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Specific Properties of Web Controls
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Overview of Windows Forms Controls
Trusted ActiveX Controls
Physical Memory (MB)
The AddHandler command lets you overcome one of the most serious limitations of the WithEvents keyword: the inability to trap events from an array or a collection of objects. To support event trapping from an array or a collection of objects, the event should pass the client code a reference pointing to the object that s raising the event. This is precisely what all the events exposed by Windows Forms controls do. In fact, all these events pass the client two values: a sender argument (a reference to the control raising the event) and an e argument (whose properties contain any additional information that might be required by the client). The presence of the sender argument makes it possible to use very concise code to trap a given event from all the controls stored in the form s Controls collection:
The <authorization> Section
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