Logging On to a Windows XP Professional Computer on a Network Domain in C#

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Part 6: Managing Windows Server 2003 Networking and Print Services
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Control Panel Administrative Tools Printers And Faxes Recently used programs Any program you ve pinned to the Start menu
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The column headings for the Customers table appear in the GridView control on the screen. 14. Click the Source button at the bottom of the Design View window to display the HTML source code for the CustomerData.aspx page. Notice that the HTML code for the GridView control sets the DataSourceID property of the control to CustomerInfoSource. The control also contains a <columns> element with bound eld controls de ning the properties of each column displayed. The DataField property of each bound eld object speci es the name of the property the object is bound to in the data source. The HeaderText property is the string displayed in the column header for the column. Currently, the HeaderText and DataField values for each column are the same. 15. Change the values of the HeaderText property for the bound eld objects using the information in the following table.
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Changing Model Objects
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Part 7: Managing Active Directory and Security
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For DTS tasks that cannot be migrated at all, described in the following list, the Package Migration Wizard inserts an Execute DTS 2000 Package Task to encapsulate the functionality for backward compatibility which you can replace with Integration Services tasks or leave as is:
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Click the Save All button on the Standard toolbar to save your changes.
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Report Authoring with Custom Development CD-439
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Treasure Chest
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names for dimensions are French. Of course, in a production system, you would make much more extensive changes to completely localize the cube. 2. In the Language drop-down list on the browser toolbar, click Default to return the browser to its original language setting.
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Find text in a report
Filtered statistics are used in a manner that is similar to traditional statistics the set of columns on which distributions are needed is determined early in query compilation. The set of lter predicates de ned on the table for the query must be a subset of the lter_de nition of the statistics object for the statistic to be considered. If multiple such statistics exist, the one with the tightest bounds is used. Filtered statistics can avoid a common problem in cardinality estimation where estimates become skewed due to data correlation between columns. For example, if you create a table called CARS, you might have a column called MAKE and a column called MODEL. For example, the following table shows that multiple models of cars are made by Ford.
Poor load simulations can render all previous work useless. To understand the data collected from a test run, the load simulation must accurately reflect the test design. When the simulation does not reflect the test design, the results are prone to misinterpretation. Even if your tests accurately reflect the test design, there are still many ways that the test can yield invalid or misleading results. Although it may be tempting to simply trust your tests, it is almost always worth the time and effort to validate the accuracy of your tests before you need to depend on them to provide results intended to assist in making the go-live decision. It may be useful to think about test validation in terms of the following four categories: Test design implementation. To validate that you have implemented your test design accurately (using whatever method you have chosen), you will need to run the test and examine exactly what the test does. Concurrency. After you have validated that your test conforms to the test design when run with a single user, run the test with several users. Ensure that each user is seeded with unique data, and that users begin their activity within a few seconds of
7. On the toolbar, click Execute to deploy the definition to the server . The Results window should show the following information if the database was successfully deployed .
( HAP T E R F I V E How a Hacker Hackl
This version of the Draw method is very similar to the original, except that DrawString is now called twice, first drawing in red and then in yellow. In between the draw operations, the values of the X and Y properties of the position vector are increased by 4 using the following statements:
Fetch data and display orders
Part III Design of the Application
to register multiple SQL Server instances, reflecting all organizational hierarchy, so that you can manage multiple SQL Servers from the single SQL Server Managment Studio interface. Right-click within the Registered Servers pane to add new server groups and SQL Server registrations. Use the Ctrl-Alt-G key short-cut to see Registered Servers.
Your screen looks like this:
In SQL Server 2000, the syscacheobjects pseudotable also includes entries for executable plans. That is, the cacheobjtype column could have a value of Executable Plan. In SQL Server 2008, because executable plans are considered dependent objects and are stored completely separately from the compiled plans, they are no longer available through the sys.syscacheobjects view. To access the executable plans, you need to select directly from the sys.dm_exec_ cached_plan_dependent_objects function, and pass in a plan_handle as a parameter. As an alternative to the sys.syscacheobjects view, which is a compatibility view and is not guaranteed to exist in future versions, you can create your own view that retrieves the same information from the SQL Server Dynamic Management Objects. The script creates a view called sp_cacheobjects in the master database. Remember that any objects with a name starting with sp_, created in the master database, can be accessed from any database without having to qualify the object name fully. Besides being able to access the sp_cacheobjects view from anywhere, another bene t of creating your own object is that you can customize it. For example, it would be relatively straightforward to do one more OUTER APPLY, to join this view with the sys.dm_exec_query_plan function, to get the XML plan for each of the plans in cache.
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