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Rotational Latency
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The sys.dm_os_memory_pools DMV returns information about each object store in the instance of SQL Server. This DMV can be used to monitor cache memory usage and help identify suboptimal caching patterns.
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Captured by the IIS executable listening on port 80, an HTTP request was mapped to an IIS extension (named aspnet_isapi.dll) and then forwarded by this component to the ASP.NET worker process via a named pipe. As a result, the request had to go through a double-stage
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118 Microsoft Visual C# 2005 Express Edition: Build a Program Now! In the Library.cs file, click the red dot in the first breakpoint of the Divide method. By clicking the red
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The preferred way to perform transactional works in COM+ is by leveraging the auto matic transactions enforced by the Transaction attribute. In some circumstances,
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The average of the values in the selected cells, the number of cells selected, and the total of the values in the selected cells appear in the AutoCalculate area of the status bar.
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This coding pattern, which has all the validation code inside the Property Set block, ensures the best results in terms of robustness and code maintenance. This is the only portion of the class that has to be updated when new validation requirements arise. Well-designed constructors can improve the usability of your class. For example, you can define optional arguments that let the client code initialize other properties that aren t mandatory:
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base files, such as C:\Dhcp\Dbfiles.
The column handles are the shaded cells that appear above the table, and the row handles are the shaded cells with icons that are shown to the left of the table. You use these handles to modify the table properties.
Values and References
Figure 8-7. This dialog box provides the starting point for creating or customizing a theme.
You should back up the entire contents of a computer before performing a wipe-and-load migration.
Accessing Reports Abbrev. Title
1 2 Start Visual Studio. On the Visual Studio Start Page, click the Get Started link and then click the New Project button.
TO ADD CODE TO HANDLE DIFFERENT EXCEPTIONS 1 modify the button1_Click method to look like the following:
In local group policy, you can configure security settings that apply to users and the local computer itself. Any changes you make to policy are applied to that computer the next time Group Policy is refreshed. In a domain environment these settings include the following:
Create the Departments table.
Dim pd As New PersonDictionary() pd.Add( Joe", New Person( Joe", Doe )) pd.Add( Ann", New Person( Ann", Smith )) Console.WriteLine(pd( Joe ).CompleteName) => Joe Doe Next line throws a NullReferenceException. Console.WriteLine(pd( Robert ).CompleteName)
A two-column bulleted list.
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