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Creating, Editing, and Deleting Files and Folders
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Tip Choose a name for the image with care so that you can find it more easily when working with your report.
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Make sure that the SQL Server service is enabled and running. Make sure that the SQL Server 2005 instance has been enabled to accept remote connections. Make sure that the correct protocols have been configured on the client and SQL Server systems. Try connecting the client to the server system in some other manner, for example by using Windows Explorer. If you cannot connect via Windows Explorer, your problem probably relates to some hardware issue or network adapter configuration. If connecting to a named SQL Server instance, make sure that the SQL Server Browser service is running. In addition, if using a firewall, make sure that the UDP port 1434 is not blocked.
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anywhere in the file to cause the Hosts file to be updated. Then, save the file by clicking File, and then clicking Save. A second instance of Notepad opens immediately because Windows Defender generated an event. 8. Close both Notepad windows. Practice 3: Analyze a Scheduled Task In this practice, you examine the task history and event viewer to analyze whether the task was successfully launched. To complete this practice, you must have completed Practice 1. In Task Scheduler, double-click the task to open the task properties. In the General tab, click Run Whether User Is Logged On Or Not. Then, click OK. Type your username and password when prompted. 2. Right-click your task, and then click Run. Notice that Notepad does not appear. 3. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del, and then click Start Task Manager. Click the Processes tab. Then, click the Show Processes From All Users button and respond to the UAC prompt that appears. Now that Task Manager is showing processes for all users, click the Image Name column to sort by process name and find Notepad.exe to verify that Task Scheduler launched it correctly. If this were a script, the scheduled task would end after it completed. However, because it is a windowed application and is waiting on a user response, it will continue to run indefinitely. 4. In Task Manager, right-click the Notepad.exe process, and then click End Process. 5. Click your scheduled task. Then, in the lower-middle pane, click the History tab. Browse the events. Notice that multiple events are created each time a task is started. 6. Click Start, right-click Computer, and then click Manage. Respond to the UAC prompt that appears. 7. In the Computer Management console, expand System Tools, Event Viewer, Applications And Services Logs, Microsoft, Windows, and TaskScheduler, and then click Operational. Notice that the events shown here correspond directly to the events shown in the Task Scheduler history but that events for other tasks are also shown. Practice 4: Disable and Delete a Scheduled Task In this practice, you disable and then delete your scheduled task. 1. In Task Scheduler, right-click your scheduled task, and then click Disable. With this setting the task will not be run if any of the trigger conditions are matched. However, users could still manually launch the task. 2. Right-click the scheduled task and click Delete. This permanently removes the task.
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Adding a Measure Group to an Existing Cube
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The Web Services Toolkit sim plifies t he cr eat ion of Web serv ices based on SQL Ser ver 2000 dat abase obj ect s and t em plat es in I I S vir t ual direct ories. Microsoft built on an ear lier appr oach for delivering XML funct ionalit y from SQL Serv er wit h t he Web Serv ices Toolkit nam ely, by ext ending t he capabilit y of t he I I S v irt ual dir ect ory so t hat it can host a Web serv ice. The Web serv ice fr om an I I S virt ual dir ect ory exposes indiv idual dat abase obj ect s and t em plat es as Web m et hods. Aft er t he creat ion of a Web serv ice based on an I I S virt ual dir ect ory , y ou st ill use t he sam e basic approach dem onst rat ed in t he preceding t wo sect ions for developing a client applicat ion for your Web serv ice. This sect ion st ar t s by revealing how t o design an
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In this chapter, you learned some key information that will help you build on the skills you ve started developing in the previous chapters. You learned the differences between a console application and a Windows application. You started the product, went through the IDE, and learned its major components. You created two versions of the same application: a console application and a Windows application. While learning about console applications, you also learned what the Solution Explorer is as well as how to search and use the product documentation and the Help system. In the next chapter, you ll build on this knowledge and write a simple Web browser. For now, if you want to read more about some topics covered in this chapter, simply create a search query by pressing F1 and then type in the keywords provided in the box to the left. I ve also added a link to videos that are a good source of information to continue your learning.
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You can also generate a report model from SQL Server Management Studio or from Report Manager. The report models generated from these management tools are identical to report models generated using the Report Model Wizard. When using the management tools, you can also use an Analysis Services cube as a data source, but you are still limited to one data source per report model. In SQL Server Management Studio, you connect to Reporting Services, right-click a data source, and then click Generate Model. In Report Manager, you open a shared data source, and then click Generate Model. Regardless of the type of data source, you won t be able to change the rules used to generate a report model. The report model is automatically deployed to the report server after it is generated. If you want to edit a report model that is based on a SQL Server database, you can download it from the report server and use the Model Designer to make any desired changes. However, you don t have the ability to edit a report model based on an Analysis Services cube.
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Excel displays the characters abrikam in reverse colors.
* All events except Error are in the order in which they fire.
Part IV
You ll often cache the page until a given time:
Managing Windows Server 2003
Upgrade Procedure
1 For easy management, copy the scripts you want to use to the User\Scripts\Logon or the User\Scripts\Logoff folder for the related policy. By default, policies are stored in the %SystemRoot%\Sysvol\Domain\Policies folder on domain controllers. 2 Start the Group Policy Object Editor. In the Group Policy Management console, rightclick the Group Policy you want to modify, and then select Edit. 3 Double-click the Windows Settings folder in the User Configuration node, and then click Scripts. 4 To work with logon scripts, right-click Logon, and then select Properties. Or rightclick Logoff, and then select Properties to work with logoff scripts. 5 Click Show Files. If you copied the user script to the correct location in the Policies folder, you should see the script.
10. Click each tab, and look at the information. Then click Cancel. 11. On the Other Places menu, click Structure to move up one level. The subfolders of the Structure folder are displayed:
The first tag isn t coded class="menu," and the second tag isn t a hyperlink. Pseudo-classes are another variation you may encounter (or use yourself). Pseudo-classes pertain to the state of an element rather than the element itself. When you define them, their names begin with a colon. Here are some examples:
The FontDialog Control
Click the rs2000sbsDW data source link, and then click the Reports tab to see the list of associated reports, which looks like this:
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